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Sacred Congregation for Divine Worship, 2 February 1971
Institutio generalis de Liturgia Horarum SCCD Institutionem generalem de Liturgia Horarum publici iuris fecit Die 2 februarii 1971

I: Importance of the Liturgy of the Hours or Divine Office in the Life of the Church

§ 1-1. Prayer of Christ; §1-2. Prayer of the Church; §1-3. Liturgy of the Hours (10); §1-4. Those Who Participate in the Liturgy of the Hours (20)

2: Sanctification of the Day: The Different Liturgical Hours

§2-1. Introduction to the Whole Office (34); §2-2. Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer; §2-3. Office of Readings; §2-4. Vigils; §2-5. Daytime Hours; §2-6. Night Prayer

§2-7. Combining the Hours With Mass or With Each Other

3: Different Elements in the Liturgy of the Hours

§3-1. Psalms and Their Connection With Christian Prayer (100) ; §3-2. Antiphons and Other Aids to Praying the Psalms (110); §3-3. Ways of Singing the Psalms; §3-4. Plan for the Distribution of the Psalms in the Office (126) §3-5. Canticles From the Old and New Testaments; §3-6. Readings from Sacred Scripture; §3-7. Readings from the Fathers and Church Writers; §3-8. Readings in Honor of Saints; §3-9. Responsories; §3-10. Hymns and Other Nonbiblical Songs; §3-11. Intercessions, Lord’s Prayer, and Concluding Prayer § 3-12. Sacred Silence (201)

4: Various Celebrations Throughout the Year

§4-1. Mysteries of the Lord (204);§4-2. The Saints; §4-3. Calendar and Option to Choose an Office or Part of an Office

5: Rites for Celebration in Common

§5-1. Offices to be Carried Out (253)

§5-2. Singing in the Office






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