The Thebaid, 15th c., Uffizi

( 530)

St. CAESARIUS . (c. 470–542), Archbishop of Arles from 502. He took a prominent part in the ecclesiastical administration of S. Gaul and was largely instrumental in securing the condemnation of Semi-Pelagianism at the Council of Orange in 529. He was a celebrated preacher. The ‘Statuta Ecclesiae Antiqua’ has, prob. mistakenly, been attributed to him by many modern scholars.

Included here is The Twelvefold Remission of Sins, a brief but influential text, wrongly attributed to Caesarius but of unknown authorship.  It is an adaptation of Cassian's Conference of Abba Pinufius (conf. 20.8): On The Fruits of Repentance.  This adaptation was widely known and included in several early penitentials, notably the penitantial of Cummean.

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