of  GAZA

   (c. 507- c. 560) 

Jerome, Bellini, 1480

BORN in Antioch into a wealthy family, Dorotheos later described himself as an avid student and reader in youth.  Around 520 he left Antioch together with his brother, and entered the monastery of Thawatha in Gaza, presided over by Abbot Seridos, and famous for abbas Barsanuphius and John. 

During his years in Thawatha Dorotheos served as guest master and infirmarian, and came to both know and serve the famous spiritual elders of his community.  His brother remained a layman, and assisted in the building of the monastic infirmary.  He may also have assisted Dorotheos in establishing a hermitage or community of his own after the death (around 540) of Seridos and John.

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