METZ ( d. 766)

 Bishop Preaching, Medieval illum ms.



CHRODEGANG of METZ (d. 766), Bp. of Metz. He was one of the chief ecclesiastical reformers of his time. of noble birth, he became chancellor and chief minister to Charles Martel and his successor Pepin III, continuing in political office even after he was made Bp. of Metz, probably sometime between 742 and 748. He succeeded St Boniface as apostolic delegate in the Frankish realm in 754. In 748 he founded the abbey of Gorze, near Metz, and continued to take a keen part in furthering monasticism throughout his diocese. He also caused the canons of his cathedral to live a community life, drawing up for them the ‘rule’ which bears his name (c.755). The picture given by this rule is that of a community consisting essentially of clerics, monastic in their common life and in the performance of the Divine Office, but unmonastic in their close connection with diocesan officials such as the bishop and archdeacon, and, above all, in their licence to hold private property. He also introduced the Roman chant and liturgy into the diocese of Metz. Feast day, 6 Mar.

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Side-by-side comparison with the Rule of Benedict

Fr. Grimme, "Die Kanonikerregel des hl. Chrodegang und ihre Quellen" JGLGA [Jahrbuch der Gesellschaft für Lothringische Geschichte und Altertumskunde] 27/28 (1915-16) pp. 1-44.

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