Plate 33, vision 3, 12,

Plate 33, vision 3, 12,


THE most famous depictions of the visions of Hildegard of Bingen are from  the Rupertsberg manuscript of her Scivias, once believed to have been prepared around 1165 in the Rupertsberg scriptorium.  Neither Hildegard nor her biographers suggest that Hildegard was the artist responsible for the miniatures.  Indeed, scholars who hoped to associate the MS with Rupertsberg concluded that the artist “lacked formal training” and may have been a nun of Rupertsberg or a monk from St. Disibod who worked under Hildegard's supervision.  Recent studies, however, indicate a date nearer 1190 (after Hildegard's death) and exclude the Rupertsberg scriptorium as a possible site.  In any case, A photocopy of the Rupertsberg MS was made in 1927; but the original vanished in 1945. Colored versions based on the photocopy were made by a team of nuns led by Sr. Josepha Knipps, O.S.B. of Eibingen from 1927-1933.

Plate 4, vision 1, 3

Plate 1, Hildegard and Volmar

















Hildegard von Bingen: Liber Divinorum Operum. Copy of the 13th century. Biblioteca statale, Lucca (Italia).



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