St. Gertrude, Vieire, 1795

Translation adapted by L. Dysinger, O.S.B. from:
The Exercises of St. Gertrude, Introduction, Commentary and Translation by A Benedictine Nun of Regina Laudis (Newman Pr. Westminster, MD, 1956). Latin Text: Gertrude D'helfta Oeuvres Spirituelles Tome I Les Exercices, Sources Chrétiennes No 127 Série des Textes Monastiques d'Occident, no XIX, Texte Latin, Introduction, Traduction et Notes par Jacques Hourlier et Albert Schmitt, moines de l'Abbaye S. Pierre de Solesmés (Les Éditions du Cerf, Paris 1967)


Second Exercise: SPIRITUAL CONVERSION (Investiture)



















If thou dost desire to present before God at the close of thy life the robe of thy baptismal innocence unspotted and the seal of the Christian faith whole and unimpaired, be thou careful at some appointed season, chiefly at Eastertide and Pentecost, to solemnize the memory of thy baptism. Stir up thy desire, therefore, to be reborn in God by the holiness of a new life and to be restored unto a new childhood, using these words:

  Ut in fine vitae tuae 1 immaculatam baptismalis innocentiae tunicam, et fidei christianae sigillum integrum et illaesum domino valeas praesentare, stude certo tempore, praesertim in Pascha et Pentecoste, memoriam baptismi celebrare. Itaque desidera renasci in deo per novae vitae sanctitatem, et restitui in novam infantiam, et dic

  May God be merciful unto me and bless me; may He enlighten me with the light of His countenance and be merciful unto me. (cf. Ps. 66:2) Let my heart bless Him in all sincerity and truth. Let the earth of my heart tremble before the face of the Lord; (cf. Ps. 113:7) by the Spirit of His mouth, let my spirit be created anew and restored, (cf. Ps. 103:30) that His good Spirit may lead me into the land of righteousness .(cf. Ps. 142:10)

  «Deus misereatur mei, et benedicat mihi; illuminet vultum suum super me, et misereatur mei. Benedicat eum in omni sinceritate et veritate cor meum. A facie domini moveatur terra cordis mei, in spiritu oris eius recreetur et renovetur spiritus meus, ut in terram rectam 1 deducat me spiritus eius bonus. »

Then read the Creed, “I believe in God,” praying unto the Lord that He may make thee utterly renounce Satan and may keep thee in true, living, and perfect faith even unto the end of thy life.

  Deinde legas symbolum fidei scilicet : Credo in deum, orans dominum, ut faciat te perfecte abrenuntiare satanae, et conservet te in fide recta, viva et integra, usque in finem vitae tuae.

PRAYER: O Lord God, holy and true, my Creator and my Redeemer, who hast signed me with the holy light of Thy countenance,(cf. Ps. 4:7) redeemed me at the dear price of the blood of Thy Only Begotten, and regenerated me unto the hope of life (cf. 1 Pet. 1:3) through baptism in the power of Thy Spirit, make me renounce Satan and all his pomps and all his works in very truth, with a sincere and perfect heart. Make me faithfully believe, with true and burning faith crowned with living works, in Thee, my God and my Creator, through Jesus Christ Thy Son, who is the way, the truth, and the life,(cf. John 14:6) in the might of the Holy Spirit. And cause me to cleave unto Thee and to go steadfastly with Thee unto the end. Amen.

  Oratio : Domine deus, pins et verus, creator et redemptor meus, qui me signasti sancto lumine vultus tui, qui me redemisti charo pretio sanguinis unigeniti tui, et regenerasti me in spem vitae per baptismum in virtute spiritus tui  : fac me, vero, perfecto et integro corde, efficaciter abrenuntiare satanae et omnibus pompis et operibus eius, et in te deum creatorem meum per lesum Christum filium tuum, qui est via, veritas et vital, in spiritus sancti efficacia, fide recta ac fervida, vivis operibus redimita, fideliter credere, tibi adha rere, et usque in finem tecum immobiliter perseverare. Amen.

To renew the seal of thy faith, say these words:

Pro signaculo fidei tuae, dic:

  O holy Trinity, Father, and Son, and Holy Spirit, may Thy divine omnipotence rule and confirm my faith, Thy divine wisdom instruct and enlighten it, and Thy divine goodness help and perfect it, that at the hour of my death I may render up this my faith undefiled and unaltered before Thy face, together with all the virtues which it will have gained for me.

Trinitas sancta, pater et filins et spiritus sanctus, tua divina omnipotentia regat et confirmet, tua divina sapientia instruat et illuminet, tua divina bonitas adiuvet et perficiat fidem meam; ut eam immaculatam et integram reconsignem ante faciem tuam in mortis hora, cum omnium virtutum miilto foenore et usura.

Recalling the exorcism, pray unto the Lord that in the power of His name He will make thee prudently overcome and perceive all the cunning tricks of Satan, that the enemy may never pride himself on having conquered thee, but may himself withdraw vanquished in every temptation and discomfited at the first encounter:

  Pro exorcizatione, ora dominum, ut in virtute nominis sui faciat te prudenter vincere et intelligere omnes versutias satanae, ne unquam praevalendo de te, gaudeat inimicus sed in omni tentatione recedat superatus, et in prima congressione confusus.

PRAYER:  O Lord Jesus Christ, Thou High Priest, who by Thy precious death didst give me life, deign with Thy breath in the power of Thy Spirit to rid me of all the wiles of the enemy by the efficacy of Thy presence. Rend asunder within me all the snares of Satan, and by Thy pitying glance banish from me all blindness of heart. O Christ, may Thy perfect charity make me triumph manfully over every temptation. May Thy holy humility teach me to shun with prudence all the snares of the enemy. May Thy radiant truth lead me onward and make me walk before Thee with a sincere and perfect heart. And may the blessing of Thy most forgiving mercy precede, follow, and keep me unto the end of my life. Amen.

  Oratio : Domine Iesu Christe, pontifex magne, qui in tua pretiosa morte vivificasti me, exsuffla a me, in virtute spiritus tui, omnes insidias inimici efficacia tuae praesentiae. Disrumpe in me omnes laqueos satanae, et respectu  miserationis tuae omnem caecitatem cordis longe fac a me. Perfecta charitas tua, Christe, faciat me in omni tentatione viriliter triumphare. Sancta humilitas tua doceat me omnes laqueos inimici prudenter devitare. Luminosa veritas tua deducat me, et faciat me corde perfecto sincere ambulare coram te. Et benedictio indulgentissimae misericordiae tuae praeveniat, et subsequatur, et custodiat me usque in finem vitae meae. Amen.

Here thou shalt make the sign of the holy cross upon thy brow and upon thy breast, saying these words:

  His verbis  signabis te signo sanctae crucis in fronte et in pectore

  In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. O dearest Jesus, my crucified Love, let me receive from Thee the sign of Thy holy cross, both upon my brow and upon my heart, that I may live eternally under Thy protection. Give me living faith in Thy heavenly precepts, that I may run in the way of Thy commandments with my heart open wide. (cf. Ps. 118:32) Through Thy help may I so conduct myself that I may deserve to become the temple of God and the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

  In nomine patris et filii et spiritus sancti. A te, o crucifixe amor meus, Jesu dulcissime, accipiam signum sanctae crucis tuae, tam in fronte, quam in corde, ut in aeternum vivam sub tua protectione. Da mihi vivam fidem coelestium praeceptorum, ut dilatato corde curram viam mandatorum tuorum 1. Per te talis sim in moribus, ut effici merear templum dei, et habitaculum spiritus sancti. Amen.

Now earnestly request that Jesus Christ the High Priest may Himself lay His hand upon thee, that thou mayest dwell for ever in the shelter of the Most High and abide under the protection of the God of heaven:

 Hic expostula, ut ipse summus sacerdos dominus Iesus imponat tibi manum, ut in aeternum habites in adiutorio altissimi, et in protectione dei coeli commoreris.

  O most loving Jesus, protect me beneath the shadow of Thy hand; (cf. Isai. 49:2) let Thy right hand sustain me.(cf. Ps. 17:36) Open unto me the door of Thy love, that having been dedicated with the seal of Thy wisdom, I may in truth be free from all earthly desire, serve Thee with joy in Thy holy Church according to the sweet odor of Thy precepts, and daily advance from strength unto strength. (Ps. 83:8) Amen.

  Sub umbra manus tuae, amantissime Iesu, protege me  dextera tua suscipiat me. Aperi mihi ianuam pietatis tuae, ut imbuta signo sapientiae, caream in veritate omni terrena cupiditate, et ad suavem odorem praeceptorum tuorum laeta tibi in Ecclesia s tua sancta deserviam, et de die in diem, de virtute in virtutem proficiam. Amen.

Now beseech the Lord to give thee an angel who will guide thee upon thy way:

Ut Dominus det tibi angelum  ducem itineris tui

  O Jesus, Prince of Peace (Isai. 9:6) and Angel of the Great Counsel, be Thou Thyself my guide on my right hand and the guardian of my pilgrimage, that I may not be driven backwards or wander away from Thee; and deign to send Thy holy angel from heaven, who under Thy loving command will direct me according to Thy good pleasure and by Thy pathway bring me back, perfect, unto Thee. Amen.

  Eia Iesu, princeps pacis, magni consilii angele, tu ipse semper sis mihi a dextris dux et custos meae peregrinationis, ne commovear, et errem abs te; et mittere dignare angelum tuum sanctum de coelis 8, qui sub tua pia cura sollicitus sit de me, et in tuo beneplacito dirigat me, atque in via tua perfectam ad te ipsum reducat me s. Amen.

Now say this prayer to receive and greet thy angel:

Ad salutandum et suscipiendum angelum

  Hail, holy angel of God, guardian of my soul and body! Through the most sweet Heart of Jesus Christ the Son of God, for love of Him who created both thee and me, for love of Him who entrusted me unto thee at my baptism, take me under thy most faithful and fatherly care. Thanks to thy assistance, may I pass through the seething torrent of this life without defilement, until with thee I attain with joy unto the vision of that glorious countenance (which thou dost already behold) and that most enrapturing beauty of the sovereign Godhead, which surpasseth the sweetness of all felicity.

  Salve, angele dei sancte, custos animae et corporis mei, per dulcissimum cor Iesu Christi filii dei, pro amore eius que te creavit et me, pro amore eius qui me tibi commendavit in baptismate, in curam tuae fidelissimae paternitatis suscipe me : ut adiuta a te, immaculate calle transeam huius vitae torrentem 1, quousqu e tecum laeta perveniam ad videndam illam mellifluam, quam tu vides, faciem, et illam iucundissimam imperialis divinitatis  speciem, quae exsuperat omnis suavitatis dulcedinem.

Now pray that thy mouth may be filled with the salt of wisdom, that thou mayest perceive the taste of faith in the Holy Spirit:

  Hic orabis, ut os tuum repleatur sale sapientiae, ut possis gustum fidei in spiritu sancto sapere

  Let me receive from Thee, O sweetest Jesus, through Thy mercy, the salt of wisdom and the spirit of understanding unto eternal life. Amen.

  Accipiam a te, Jesu dulcissime, salem sapientiae  et spiritum intelligentiae propitiatus in vitam aeternam. Amen.

PRAYER:  Grant me experience of the sweetness of Thy Spirit; grant me hunger for Thy will; and grant me knowledge of Thy good pleasure, that my service may ever be acceptable unto Thee. Amen.

  Oratio : Fac me tui spiritus degustare suavitatem, fac me tuam esurire voluntatem, fac me tuum scire beneplacitum, ut tibi meum semper sit acceptum servitium. Amen.

Now make the sign of the holy cross upon thy ears and nostrils and pray unto the Lord, that He Himself may open the ears of thy heart unto His law, and fill thy entire being with the fragrance of knowledge of Himself:

  Signans itaque aures tuas et nares signe sanctae crucis orabis dominum, ut ipse adaperiat aures cordis tui in lege sua, et repleat odore notitiae suae  omnia tua interiora .

  O Jesus, Thou Shepherd beloved of my heart, come, grant that I, Thy unworthy little ewe lamb, may ever recognize and follow Thy dulcet voice. (cf. John 10:27) Grant that drawn by the strong perfume of living faith, I may run to the pastures of eternal life, and there, through all eternity, be still and see, O my Lord, how truly Thou art sweet.

Eia Jesu pastor mi praecordialissime, fac me indignam oviculam, tuam dulcissimam vocem semper sequi et agnoscere, et in vivae fidei suavissimo odore currere ad pascua vitae aeternae, quo possim in aeternum vacare et videre, quoniam tu vere suavis es, mi domine.

Take in thy right hand the standard of the life-giving cross, wherewith to conquer the enemy, and say:

  Accipiens in dexteram tuam vexillum crucis salutiferae, ut hostem possis vincere, dicas

  O most loving Jesus, place in my right hand the banner of Thy holy cross. Let my hand ever be armed with this banner as I advance against all the ambuscades of the enemy, and let me be surrounded by the rampart of Thy assistance. Amen.

  Pone, Iesu amantissime, signum sanctae crucis tuae in manum dexteram meam : ut hoc signo contra omnes insidias inimici armata manu semper incedam, tuo auxilio circumvallata. Amen.

  May the omnipotence of God the Father bless me. May the wisdom of the Son bless me. May the most benign charity of the Holy Ghost bless me and keep me unto everlasting life. Amen.

  Conclusio : Benedicat me dei patris omnipotentia. Benedicat me filii sapientia. Benedicat me spiritus sancti benignissima charitas, et custodiat me in vitam aeternam. Amen.

Then shalt thou pray the Virgin Mother to obtain for thee a perfect renewal of thy life. May she, that rose worthy of all reverence, become by this favor both thy Mother and thy Godmother. Be thou a true daughter unto her in all that thou dost. And may she, that jewel of purity, keep thy soul wrapped, under her gentle gaze, in the mantle of her modesty, and immaculate in the sight of that King, our Lord, who is her Son. May she also bring it to pass that thou be numbered with Israel; then shall thy part be with them who walk in innocence of heart, (cf. Ps. 100:2) keeping the Lord ever before their eyes in all their ways:

  Deinde orabis virgineam matrem, ut ipsa tibi obtineat perfectam vitae innovationem, et ipsa venerabilis rosa fiat sic in hac gratia mater et commater tua, ut tu sis ei in moribus vera flia, et ipsa gemma  pudicitiae animam tuam involutam pallio suae munditiae, in tuitione sua dulcissima, filio suo regi Domino servet absque macula : et faciat nomen tuum annumerari in Israel sorte electissima, ut pars tua sit cum it qui ambulant in cordis innocentia, providentes dominum semper in omni via sua .

  Hail, Mary, thou Queen of clemency and olive tree of mercy, through whom came unto us the healing of life! Hail, Queen of clemency! Hail, Virgin Mother of the Divine Branch, through whom came unto us He who is heavenly light, the Branch of the fragrance of Israel! Through thy Son thou didst become the true Mother of all men, for thy only Son did not disdain to become their Brother; now for love of Him, take me, unworthy as I am, under thy motherly care. Succor my faith, preserve it, and build it up, and thus become the Godmother of my renewal and of my faith at this moment, so that in eternity thou mayest be my one and most dearly beloved Mother; and having watched over me with merciful constancy in this life, admit me unto the plenitude of thy motherhood at the hour of my death. Amen.

  Salve Maria, Regina clementiae, oliva misericordiae, per quam nobis venit vitae medicina, clementiae Regina, virgo mater divini germinis, per quam nobis venit genus superni luminis, germen odoris Israel. Eia, sicut per filium tuum facta es omnium vera mater, quorum ipse unicus tuus non est dedignatus fieri frater : sic nunc pro eius amore me indignam in curam tuae maternitatis suscipe; tu fidem meam adiuva, conserva et instrue, et sic nunc fias meae innovationis et fidei commater, ut in aeternum sis mea singularis et praecordialissima mater, pie semper pro me curando in bac vita, et in tuam plenam maternitatem suscipiendo in mortis hora. Amen.

As thou callest to mind the conferring of thy baptismal name:

Pro impositione nominis

  O sweetest Jesus, set down my name beneath Thy glorious name in the book of life. Say unto my soul: “Thou art Mine; I, Thy salvation, have acknowledged thee! Now thou shalt no more be called Forsaken, but thou shalt be called My pleasure in her, (Isai. 62:4) that My inheritance may be with thee for ever in the land of the living.” cf. Ps. 141:6)

  Nomen meum, Jesu dulcissime, mellifluo nomini tuo subscribe in libro vitae. Dic animae meae : Mea es tu, ego salus tua recognovi te : iam non vocaberis ultra derelicta, sed vocaberis voluntas mea in ea, ut portio mea sit tecum in perpetuum in terra viventium.

Now recall how thou wast immersed in the font, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:

Pro immersione fontis

  O Jesus, fountain of life, come, give me to drink a cup of the living water (cf. John 4:10) which floweth from Thee, that once I have tasted Thee, I may nevermore thirst save for Thee. Immerse my whole being in the depths of Thy mercy. Baptize me in the spotlessness of Thy precious death. Renew me in Thy blood, wherewith Thou hast redeemed me. In the water from Thy most holy side, wash away every stain wherewith I have ever [p.10] sullied my baptismal innocence. Fill me with Thy Spirit and take possession of my whole being in purity both of body and of soul. Amen.

  In nomine patris et filii et spiritus sancti. Eia Iesu fons vitae, ex teipso fac me bibere poculum aquae vivae, ut gustato te, in aeternum nihil sitiam praeter te. Immerge me totam in profundum tuae misericordiae. Baptiza me in immaculatione pretiosae mortis tuae. Renova me in sanguine tuo, quo redemisti me. In aqua sanctissimi lateris tui ablue omnem maculam, qua unquam maculavi baptismalem innocentiam. Reple me spiritu tuo, et totam posside in puritate corporis et animae. Amen.

In remembrance of the chrism, pray unto the Lord that the anointing of His Spirit may teach thee concerning all things: (cf. 1 John 2:27)

 Pro chrismate ora Dominum, ut unctio sui spiritus doceat te de omnibus

  O Father most holy, who through Thy Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, hast caused me to be born again of water and of the Holy Spirit; grant me today the full remission of all my sins, and deign to anoint me with the chrism of Thy Spirit unto eternal life. Amen. May Thy peace be with me for evermore. Amen.

 Pater sancte, qui per filium tuum dominum nostrum Jesum Christum me regenerasti ex aqua et spiritu sancto da mihi hodie plenam omnium peccatorum meorum remissionem, et dignare me linire chrismate spiritus tui in vitam aeternam. Amen. Pax tua mecum in aeternum . Amen.

Here make the sign of the holy cross upon thy breast and upon thy shoulders, saying:

 Hic facias signum sanctae crucis in pectore et in humeris, dicens

  Let me always bear upon my shoulders, for love of Thy love, the sweet yoke and light burden (cf. Matt. 11:30) of Thy commandments and constantly taste the mystery of holy faith like a bundle of myrrh (Cant. 1:12) upon my breast, that Thou who wast crucified for me mayest abide ever impressed upon my heart. Amen.

  Fac me, amore amoris tui , praeceptorum tuorum iugum suave et onus leve  semper in humeris meis portare, et sacramentum fidei sacrae tamquam fasciculum myrrhae  in pectore meo in perpetuum gestare, ut tu pro me crucifixus maneas, cordi meo semper infixus. Amen.

In remembrance of the white garment which was given thee, say:

Pro candida veste, dicas

  O Jesus, Sun of Justice, come, let me clothe myself in Thee, (cf. Rom. 13:14) that I may live as Thou wouldst have me live. Let me so follow Thee that I may keep the garment of my baptismal innocence white, holy, and unspotted, and bring it unimpaired before Thy judgment seat, to keep it unto eternal life. Amen.

  Eia Iesu, sol iustitiae, fac me te induere, ut secundum te possim vivere; fac me te duce vestem baptismalis innocentiae, candidam, sanctam et immaculatam servare, et illaesam ante tribunal tuum praesentare, ut habeam eam in vitam aeternam . Amen.

Recalling how thou didst receive the lighted candle, pray for inward illumination:

Ad accipiendum lumen orabis pro illuminatione interiori

O Jesus, Thou light that shalt never fail, come, enkindle in me the burning lamp of Thy unfailing charity and teach me to keep my baptism without blame; that when I am summoned unto Thy marriage feast, (cf. Matt. 22:3; Apoc. 19:7) being found ready, I may deserve to enter upon the delights of eternal life, beholding Thee, the true light, and the glorious face of Thy Godhead. Amen.

 Eia, Jesu, lumen inextinguibile, charitatis tuae lampadem ardentem in me inextinguibiliter accende, et doce me baptismum meum irreprehensibiliter custodire : ut cum vocata ad tuas venero nuptias, parata ingredi merear aeternae vitae delicias, visura te verum lumen, et tuae divinitatis mellifluam faciem . Amen.

In remembrance of thy holy Communion, wherein thou didst receive the life-giving Body and Blood of the spotless Lamb, Jesus Christ, say:

 Pro susceptione communionis vivifici corporis et sanguinis agni immaculati Jesu Christi  :

  O Jesus Christ, my Lord, may Thy adorable Body and Thy precious Blood keep my body and my soul unto eternal life. Amen. May Thy peace be with me. O Jesus, true Peace, in Thee may I have for evermore peace upon peace, until through Thee I reach that peace which surpasseth all understanding ‘(Phil. 4:7) where, rejoicing in Thee, I shall behold Thee for all eternity. Amen.

  Corpus tuum venerabile, et sanguis tuus pretiosus, Domine mi Jesu Christe, corpus et animam meam custodiat in vitam aeternam. Amen. Pax tua mecum. In te, o Jesu pax vera, in aeternum habeam pacem super pacem, ut per te ad illam perveniam pacem, quae exsuperat omnem sensum, ubi te in te laeta videam in aeternum. Amen.

In this holy Communion, desire that thy whole life may be hidden with Christ in God, (cf. Col. 3:3) and that in the hour of thy death thou mayest be found entirely perfect:

  In illa communione desidera, ut tota vita tua abscondatur cum Christo in Deo, et in mortis hora plene inveniaris consummata.

  O Jesus, my dearest Beloved, sweetest guest of my soul, may Thy gracious presence within me be unto me today the remission of all my sins; may it atone for all my shortcomings and regain all the losses of my poor life. May it be my eternal salvation, the restoration of my soul and body, the enkindling of my love, the renewal of my virtues, and the everlasting ending of my life in Thee.

  O animae meae hospes dulcissime, Iesu mi praecordialissime, tua suavis incorporatio  sit mihi hodie omnium peccatorum meorum remissio, et omnium negligentiarum mearum suppletio, atque totius deperditae vitae meae recuperatio. Sit mihi aeterna salvatio, animae et corporis reparatio, amoris inflammatio, virtutis instauratio et vitae meae in te sempiterna conclusio.

  May it be unto me liberty of spirit, soundness of life, and purity of manners. May it be unto me a shield of patience, a badge of humility, a staff of trust, a solace in sadness, and a help unto perseverance. May it be unto me the armor of faith, the strength of hope, the perfection of charity, the fulfilment of Thy commandments, renewal of spirit, sanctification in truth,(cf. John 17:17) and the perfection of my whole monastic life.

 Sit mihi spiritus libertas, vitae sanitas, morum honestas. Sit mihi scutum patientiae, humilitatis insigne, baculus confidentiae, solamen tristitiae, iuvamen perseverantiae. Sit mihi armatura fidei, robur spei, charitatis perfectio, mandatorum tuorum adimpletio, spiritus innovatio, in veritate sanctificatio  et totius religionis  consummatio.

   May it be unto me the source of virtues, the end of vices, the increase of all gifts, and the deathless covenant of Thy love, that while I dwell only corporeally in this land of exile, my thoughts may constantly turn in longing meditation thither where Thou art, Thou my surpassing inheritance. Then at the end of my life, when once I have cast off the most bitter outward rind of this body, I shall attain unto that sweetest fruit, where in the new light of Thy glorious Manhood I may see the most dazzling splendor of Thy most sublime Godhead, where the all-fair rose of Thy glorious face shall refresh me with its royal beauty, where after I have laid aside the troubles of this life I shall feast in joy for ever and exult in the riches of Thy charity as a bride rejoiceth in the delights of her king. Amen.

  Sit mihi origo virtutum, finis vitiorum, totius boni incrementum, et tui amoris perenne testamentum, ut in hac peregrinatione  solo corpore constituta, cogitatione avida, ibi mea semper versetur memoria, ubi tu es pars mea optima, ut in termino vitae meae, abiecto corporis huius amarissimo cortice, perveniam ad illam dulcissimam nucem, ubi in glorificatae humanitatis tuae novo sidere, videam tuae praestantissimae divinitatis praeclarissiman lucem, ubi tuae mellifluae faciei pulcherrima rosa me reficiat specie sua imperiosa, ubi exuta huius vitae molestiis, in aeternum laetabunda epuler, et exsultem in tuae charitatis divitiis, sicut sponsa gaudet sui regis in deliciis. Amen.

In remembrance of the sacrament of confirmation, say:

Pro confirmatione

  O Jesus, most victorious King and great High Priest, confirm me by Thy almighty power and gird me with the sword of the Spirit, O Thou most mighty, (cf. Eph. 6:17; Ps. 44:4) that I may ever be victorious over the thousand wiles of Satan, and all my victory may be in Thee.

Thou shalt conclude by this request:

  O rex victoriosissime, Jesu sacerdos altissime, tu confirma me tua omnipotenti virtute, gladio Spiritus accingens me potentissime i, ut mille fraudes satanae semper vincens vincam in te.

  O Lord my God, who wast my Creator that Thou mightest also be my Restorer, renew today Thy Holy Spirit within me and enroll me among Thy people of adoption as a newborn infant; that with the children of the promise, I may rejoice at having received by grace what I do not possess by nature.

 Conclusio : Domine Deus, qui ita meus es conditor, ut etiam sis reformator : eia Spiritum tuum sanctum innova hodie in visceribus meis, et adscribe me populo adoptionis tamquam sobolem novae prolis; ut cum fuis promissionis me gaudeam accepisse per gratiam, quod non habeo per naturam.

  Make me great in faith; joyful in hope; patient in tribulation; full of delight in Thy praise; fervent in the Spirit; faithful to serve Thee, my Lord, my God, and my true King; and vigilant to persevere with Thee unto the end of my life. Then what I now believe in hope, my eyes shall joyfully behold in reality; then I shall see Thee as Thou art, I shall behold Thee face to face. Then, dearest Jesus, Thou wilt make me like unto Thyself; then I shall find eternal rest in the fruition of Thy glorious countenance. Amen. Amen. Amen.

 Fac me fide grandem, spe gaudentem, in tribulatione patientem, in tua laude delectantem, spiritu ferventem, tibi domino deo vero regi meo fideliter servientem, et usque in finem vitae meae tecum vigilanter perseverantem; ut hoc quod nunc credo in spe, tune oculis meis laeta videam in re; videam te sicuti es, videam te facie ad faciem. Ibi me, Jesu chare, de teipso saties, ibi in fruitione tui melliflui vultus sit mihi perpetua requies. Amen. Amen. Amen.

May this God most faithful, this Amen most true, He who never faileth, make me ardently thirst for the dear Amen whereby He awakeneth love; pleasantly taste the delightful Amen whereby He giveth refreshment; and be happily perfected by that redeeming Amen whereby He imparteth beatitude; (cf. Apoc. 7:12) that I may effectually deserve to experience for evermore the eternal and most sweet Amen, (Ibid. 19:4) whereby I believe that after this exile I shall behold that true Amen (Ibid. 3:14) Himself, Jesus, the Son of God, who alone can give unto His beloved perfect contentment, and who, together with the Father and the Holy Spirit, bestoweth all blessings and despiseth not that which He created. Amen. Amen. Amen.

  Deus fidelis, amen  verum, qui non deficit, faciat me ferventer sitire amen charum, quo ipse affcit3; suaviter gustare amen dulce, quo ipse reficit; feliciter consummari illo amen salutari, quo ipse perficit; ut in perpetuum efficaciter merear experiri amen aeternum et praesuave, quo me credo visuram post hoc exilium ipsum verum amen, lesum dei filium, qui solus amanti sufficit, et una cum patre et sancto spiritu omnia bona tribuit, nec despicit quod condidit. Amen. Amen. Amen.

By the following prayer, commit unto the Lord thy faith and thy baptismal innocence:

  Cum hac oratione committe domino fidem tuam et innocentiam baptismalem

  O my dearest Jesus, take the purity of my baptismal innocence and the written bond of my faith into the safekeeping of Thy most benign Heart, that thanks to Thy faithful guardianship, I may present them unto Thee unimpaired at the hour of my death. I pray Thee to imprint the seal of Thy Heart upon my heart, that I may live as Thou wouldst have me live, and after this exile be in no way prevented from coming joyfully unto Thee. Amen.

  Jesu mi dulcissime, tu serva mihi in conclavi benignissimi cordis tui immaculationem baptismalis innocentiae, et chirographum fidei meae 2, ut sub tua fideli custodia, ea tibi illaesa repraesentem in mortis hora. Eia et sigillum cordis tui cordi meo imprime, ut secundum te possim vivere, et post hoc exilium laeta sine impedimento ad te pervenire. Amen.

















Whenever thou dost wish to give thyself up to love, thou shalt withdraw thy heart from all inordinate affections, hindrances, and useless images. Choose thee a day for this exercise and a time which will be fitting-at least three hours of that day, one in the morning, one at noontide, and one in the evening-in atonement for never having loved the Lord thy God with thy whole heart, with thy whole soul, and with thy whole strength. Then thou shalt unite thyself in prayer unto God, with all thy affection and devotion and with a pure intention, as if thou didst behold present before thee Jesus thy Bridegroom, who is assuredly present in thy soul.

 Quoties vacare vis amori abstrahe cor tuum a cunctis inordinatis affectibus, impedimentis et phantasmatibus 2, eligens ad hoc diem et tempus opportunuum, saltem tribus horis in die, scilicet mane, meridie et vespere : in supplementurn 3 quod dominum deum tuum nunquam dilexisti toto corde, tota anima, totaque virtute 4. Et nunc toto affectu, tota devotione, et intentione, coniungaris Deo in oratione, quasi ipsum sponsum Iesum videres praesentem, qui utique praesens est in anima tua.






In the morning, as if thou wert going forth to meet thy God, recite these three verses from Psalm 62:

Et primo mane, quasi occurrens Deo tuo, dicas banc orationem cum his tribus versibus:

O God, my God! unto Thee do I watch at break of day.

Deus Deus meus, ad te de luce vigile.

 For Thee my soul hath thirsted; for Thee my flesh, oh in how many ways!

Sitivit in te anima mea; quam multipliciter tibi caro mea.

In a desert land, and where there is no way and no water; so

In terra deserta et invia, et inaquosa, sic in Sancto apparui tibi,

in the sanctuary have I come before Thee, to see Thy power and Thy glory.

 ut viderem virtutem tuam et gloriam tuam 1.

Then add the following prayer:


  Come, O Love, O God, Thou alone art all my love in verity. Thou art my dearest Salvation, all my hope and my joy, my supreme and surpassing Good. In the morning I will stand before Thee, my God, and will contemplate Thee,(cf. Ps. 5:5) my dearest Love, because Thou art pure delightsomeness and sweetness eternal. Thou art the thirst of my heart; Thou art all the sufficiency of my spirit. The more I taste Thee, the more I hunger; the more I drink, the more I thirst.

 Eia o amor Deus, tu solus es totus et verus amor meus. Tu es charissimum salutare meum. Tota spes et gaudium meum. Summum et optimum bonum meum. Tibi deo meo, charissimo amori meo, mane adstabo et videbo, quia tu es ipsa perennis suavitas et dulcedo 2. Tu es sitis cordis mei. Tu es tota sufficientia spiritus mei. Quo te plus gusto, plus esurio. Quo plus bibo, plus sitio.

  Unto me, O Love, O God, the vision of Thee is day most radiant, that one day in Thy courts which is better than a thousand (cf. Ps. 83:11) elsewhere, that one day after which sigheth this soul of mine redeemed unto Thyself by Thee. Come, when wilt Thou satisfy me with the sweetness of Thy glorious face? My soul longeth and fainteth (Ps. 83:3) after the richness of Thy delights. Behold, I have chosen and preferred to be a poor handmaid in the house of my God, (cf. Ps. 83:11) that I may approach unto the refreshment of Thy all-beauteous face.

 O amor deus, tua visio est mihi dies praeclarissima : illa dies una, quae in atriis Domini melior est super millia 3, cui soli suspirat mea unica quam tibi redemisti anima. Eia quando me satiabis tuae mellifluae faciei dulcedine? Concupiscit et deficit anima mea 4 super tuae suavitatis pinguedine. Ecce elegi et praelegi abiecta esse in domo dei mei, ut possim aspirare ad refectionem tuae dulcissimae faciei.

  O Love, to behold Thee is to fall into an ecstasy in God. To cleave unto Thee, is to be joined unto God in spiritual marriage. O Thou most serene Light of my soul and most radiant Morning, come, shed within me the rays of Thy dawn, and so enlighten me that in Thy Light I may see light, (cf. Ps. 35:10) and through Thee my night may be turned into day. O my dearest Morning, for love of Thy love let me count as naught and as vanity all that Thou art not. Come, visit me now early in the morning, (cf. Job 7:18) that in a moment I may be wholly transformed into Thee.

 O amor, te videre, est in detim mente excedere 5. Tibi adhaerere, est deo coniungi nuptiali foedere. O animae meae lumen serenissimum, et mane praeclarissimum, eia jam in me diesce, et sic mihi illucesce, ut in tuo lumine videam lumen 6, et per te nox mea convertatur in diem. O meum charissimum mane, omne quod tu non es, amore amoris 1 tui quasi nihilum reputem et inane. Eia visita me iam mane diluculo, ut in te tota immuter subito 8.

  O Love, who dost not clarify but deify, come now unto me generously, that through Thee I may melt away lovingly; let me die unto myself and pass into Thee unreservedly, nor ever have power to turn back unto myself momentarily, but rest united unto Thee eternally.

 O amor non lucifer, sed deifer, iam nunc venias mihi largiter, ut per te liquescam dulciter : a me annihilata in te fluam integraliter, ut amodo nunquam in me recolligi valeam temporaliter, sed tibi conglutinata maneam aeternaliter.

  O Love, Thou art that Unity, that foremost Beauty, who in this world art not seen save from beneath the wings of the seraphim. Oh when wilt Thou refresh me with Thy surpassing beauteousness? O morning star (Apoc. 22:16) who ever reignest, resplendent with Divine brightness! Oh when shall I behold Thy presence in its loveliness?

 O amor, tu es illa forma singularis, ille decor principalis, quae in hoc saeculo non videtur nisi seraphim sub alis 1. O quando me reficiet pulchritudo tanta et talis? O imperialis stella matutina 2, praefulgens claritate divina. O quando tua me illustrabit praesentia?

  O Splendor who callest forth all love, when wilt Thou grant me to attain Thee? Oh that here I might perceive the delicate rays of Thy beauty for a moment, that I might have at least a foretaste of Thy sweetness for an instant, and sweetly anticipate the joy of possessing Thee as my best part! Now turn Thee towards me a little, that I may fix my gaze upon Thee, O Thou Flower of flowers.

 O amabilissima species, de te me quando saties? Utinam tuae venustatis tenues radios hic percipiam parumper, ut liceat mihi tuam dulcedinem saltem praelibare 3 paulisper, et te partem meam optimam praegustare suaviter. Eia convertere nunc aliquantulum, ut in te, flos florum, meum figam intuitum.

  Thou art the glorious mirror of the Most Holy Trinity, into which the eyes of the clean of heart may gaze, here only darkly, but there face to face. Come, sprinkle me over with Thy purity, and I shall be cleansed. Touch the secret places of my heart with Thy cleanness, and I shall be made whiter than snow. Let Thy charity, I beseech Thee, prevail by its greatness, and let Thy merits infold me with their abundant holiness, lest I be held back from Thy beauty by my unlikeness.

 Tu es praeclarum sanctae Trinitatis speculum, quod ibi facie ad faciem, hic autem in aenigmate solum 4, licet intueri per mundi cordis oculum. Eia resperge me tüa puritate et mundabor. Tange tua munditia cordis mei intima, et super nivem dealbabor 5. Praevaleat quaeso tuae charitatis magnitudo, et involvat me meritorum tuorum copiosa sanctitudo, ne impediat me a te meae venustatis dissimilitudo.

  Look upon me and behold me, and make me acknowledge Thee and know Thee. Thou hast first loved me. Thou hast chosen me, whereas I had not chosen Thee. (cf. John 15:16) Of Thy own accord Thou goest forth to meet the soul who thirsteth for Thee; upon Thy brow shineth the splendor of eternal light.

 Respice in me et vide, et fac me agnoscere te et scire. Tu prior dilexisti me 6. Tu elegisti me, quum non elegerim te. Tu omni sitienti te occurris sponte : candor lucis aeternae in tua nitet fronte 1.

  Come, show me Thy face and make me contemplate Thy loveliness. Yea, Thy face is winning and beautiful, radiant with the fairest dawn of the Godhead. In the color of Thy cheeks is written in red the wondrous name Alpha and Omega. (Apoc. 1:8) In Thy eyes burneth the deathless glory of eternity; their light is unto me the lamp of the salvation of God. In Thee the beauty of charity doth enhance the splendor of truth. The fragrance of life breatheth forth unto me from Thee. Honey and milk (Cant. 4:11) come unto me, drop by drop, from Thy mouth.

 Eia ostende mihi faciem tuam, et fac me contemplari speciem tuam 2. En facies tua suavis et decora 3, quam irradiat pulcherrima divinitatis aurora. In genis tuis mirabiliter rubet Omega et Alpha 4. In oculis tuis inextinguibiliter ardet praeclara aeternitas. Ibi salutare dei mihi rutilat ut lampas. Ibi luminosae veritati iucunde alludit speciosa charitas. Odor vitae mihi spirat ex te. Mel et lac stillat mihi tuo ex ore 5.

  How beautiful art thou, O CHARITY who art God! How lovely, how wonderful, how admirable thou art in thy incomparable delights! Thou art the queen who dost sit first upon the Divine throne; the fulness of the riches of the ever-reigning Trinity is thine. Thou dwellest ever in the house of God most high as His betrothed and His bride; thou art united unto the Son of God in deathless love.

 Quam pulchra es, o deus charitas, et quam amoena, quam admirabilis, et quam spectabilis charissima in deliciis. Tu regina divino in solio resides prima, imperialis Trinitatis plena divitiis. Tu semper uxor et sponsa summi dei gaudes contubernio, dilectione inseparabili coniuncta dei filio.

  O LOVE, at the sunset of my life, deign thou to rise for me early in the morning, and when thou seest me about to leave this my dwellingplace, open unto me the source of eternal life which is in thee; and grant me so to finish with this my exile, that I may go in with thee unhindered unto the marriage of the Lamb, (See Apoc. 19:7, 9) find, with thy help, the true Bridegroom and Beloved, and be so closely united unto Him in thy arms that I may nevermore be separated from His embrace.

 O amor, in occasu vitae meae, tu mihi valde mane oriri dignare, et cum me videris ab hoc incolatu deperire, lac me vitam aeternam in te haurire : et da mihi hoc exilium sic finire, ut tecum agni nuptias absque impedimento possim introire s, et te duce verum sponsum et amicum invenire, eique inter brachia tua tam chare copulari, ut in aeternum ultra nunquam valeam a complexu eius separari.

  Then, O Love, O Key of David, (cf. ibid. 3:7) do Thou unlock and open unto me the holy of holies, that given entrance by Thee I may not tarry, but joyfully behold in Sion that God of gods (cf. Ps. 83:8) whose glorious countenance my soul now desireth and greatly longeth for.

 O amor, o clavis David, tu mihi tune resera et aperi sancta sanctorum 7, ut te intromittente sine mora laeta videam in Sion deum deorum S, cuius mellifluum vultum anima mea nunc desiderat, et concupiscit multum.








At noontide, draw near unto thy Bridegroom who burneth with love for thee, that He, the Sun of Justice, may enkindle thy lukewarmness by the noontide heat of His love, until the glowing coals of Divine love never cease to burn upon the altar of thy heart. And first recite these verses from Psalm 17:

 In meridie ad sponsum amore tui flagrantem accede, ut ipse sol iustitiae tepiditatem tuam accendat suae dilectionis fervore, ut carbo amoris divini ardeat inextinguibiliter in ara cordis tui, dicens hanc orationem cum his versibus

I will love Thee, O Lord, my strength.

 Diligam te Domine fortitudo mea.

My God is my helper.

Deus meus adiutor meus.

My Protector, and the Horn of my salvation.

Protector meus et cornu salutis meae 1.

Then add this prayer:


  Come, O Love, Thou first flower of my love, Thou art the most precious pledge of my bridals, Thou art my marriage portion. Behold, for Thy sake I have scorned the world, and I have counted all earthly joy as dust beneath my feet that I might aspire to be wedded unto Thee.

 Oratio : Eia o amor, amoris mei primitivus flos, tu mea charissima sponsalis arrha et nuptialis dos. Ecce propter te fastidivi saeculum, et ut lutum pedum reputavi omne mundi gaudium 2, ut ad tuum possim aspirare connubium.

   Come, admit me unto the intimacy of Thy charity. Behold, my heart burneth already for the kiss (cf. Cant. 1:1) of Thy love. Open unto me the privy chamber of Thy fair love. Behold, my soul thirsteth for the embrace of most secret union with Thee.

 Eia admitte me ad tuae charitatis secretum. En cor meum iam ardet tui amoris ad osculum s. Aperi mihi tuae pulchrae dilectionis familiare cubiculum. En anima mea sitit tuae intimae unionis ad amplexum.

  Come, now prepare the banquet of Thy rich mercy, inviting me unto the table of Thy delights. Set before me the delectable dish of Thy eternal merciful forgiveness, which alone can give strength unto my spirit.

 Eia nunc para tuae uberis misericordiae convivium, invitans me ad mensam tuarum dulcedinum. Appone mihi tuae sempiternae propitiationis praedulce ferculum, quod solum potest meum confirmare spiritum.

  Come, now let us feast together, O my dearest, my supreme Good! Thou dost abound in Thyself with all blessings, yea, Thou dost overflow with goodness beyond all reckoning, and, oh marvel! Thou dost share Thyself with Thy creature.

 Eia nunc epulemur pariter, o charissimum et summum bonum meum. Tu in teipso omnibus bonis abundas et superabundas inaestimabiliter, et te ipsum creaturae tuae communicas mirabiliter.

  Come, refresh me abundantly with Thyself. For how shall a spark live outside its fire? Or how can a drop of water endure outside its fountain?

 Eia teipso me refice largiter. Quomodo enim vivet scintilla nisi in suo igne? Aut quomodo esse potest gutta nisi in suo fonte?

  Come, let Thy sweet blaze devour and envelop me utterly, spirit and soul, as Thy omnipotent liberality may do with a tiny grain of dust. O Love, O most pleasant noontide Heat, a holy repose in the plenitude of Thy peace is my surpassing delight! Thy longed-for sabbaths are filled with the presence of God and pour forth upon Thy bride the grace of Thy most serene countenance.

 Eia me totam, spiritum simul et animam, voret jam et involvat tua chara ignitas, secundum quod praevalet in exiguo pulvere tua omnipotens liberalitas. 0 amor, o dulcissimus meridianus fervor 1, tua plena pace sancta otia me delectant super omnia. Tua votiva sabbata sunt strata dei praesentia, et serenissimae faciei sponsae redundant gratia.

Come, O my Beloved, chosen and preferred above all creatures, now give me knowledge in Thee and show me where Thou feedest, where Thou liest in the midday. (cf. Cant. 1:6) Behold, my spirit burneth with desire of the delightsomeness of Thy repose.

 Eia o mi dilecte, super omnem creaturam electe et praeelecte 2, declara mihi nunc in te, et ostende ubi pastas, ubi cubes in meridie. En aestuat 3 et ardet spiritus meus super tuae feriationis dulcedine.

  O Love, here under the grateful shadow of Thy charity reposeth all my hope and all my confidence. In the bosom of Thy peace, Israel dwelleth confidently. (cf. Jer. 23:6) My soul longeth and ardently yearneth for this solemn sabbath.

 O amor, hic tuae charitatis melliflua sub umbra, tota spes mea pausat et fiducia. In tuae pacis gremio, Israel habitat confidenter 4. Huius votivi sabbati solemnia anima mea concupiscit vehementer.

  O Love, the fruition of Thee is that sacred marriage between the Word and the soul, which is wrought by perfect union with God. To possess Thee, is to be bound up with God. To enjoy Thee, is to be made one with God. Thou art that peace which surpasseth all understanding; (Phil. 4:7) Thou art the path whereby the bridechamber is attained.

 O amor, tui fruitio est verbi et animae dignantissima copulatio, quam efficit perfecta dei unio. Te uti, est deo intricari. Te frui, est cum deo unum effici. Tu es illa pax quae exsuperat omnem sensum 5, et illic iter quo pervenitur ad thalamum.

  Oh had I but the happiness, despite my wretchedness, to repose for a moment under the blessed shadow of Thy love, that my heart might be strengthened! Had I but one consoling utterance of Thy living Word, that my soul might hear from Thy mouth these good and welcome tidings: “I am thy salvation; (Ps. 34:3 behold, the sanctuary of My Heart now openeth wide unto thee!”

 O si et mihi miserae vel ad momentum contingat pausare tue charissimo dilectionis sub amictu, ut confirmetur cor meum vel uno vivi verbi tui consolatorio dictu, ut audiat anima mea ex ore tuo hoc bonum, et suave verbum 6 Salus tua ego sum; ecce iam patet tibi tordis mei cubiculum.

  And why, O Love most exalted, shouldst Thou have loved anyone so ill-favored and so base, unless it were to give her beauty in Thee? Thy tender charity winneth and draweth me, O Thou exquisite Flower sprung of the Virgin Mary!

 Ut quid enim, o amor praestabilis, tam foedam, tam turpem adamasti, nisi ut pulchram faceres in te? Tua pia charitas attrahit et allicit me, o virginis Mariae flos delicate.

  In my expectation let me not be put to shame, (cf. Ps. 118:116) but grant me to find rest for my soul in Thee. Nothing have I found more desirable, nothing have I counted more lovable, nothing dearer have I desired, than to be infolded, O Love, in Thy embrace, to rest beneath the wings of my Jesus, and to dwell in the tabernacles of Divine charity.

 Ab exspectatione mea ne confundas me, sed da mihi animae meae requiem invenire in tel. Nil inveni desiderabilius, nil iudicavi amabilius, nil optavi charius, quam stringi, o amor, tuis amplexibus, requiescere Iesu mei sub alis, et habitare divinae charitatis in tabernaculis 2.

  O Love, O beautiful Noonday, it is my desire to die a thousand times, that my rest may be in Thee. Oh that Thou, dear as Thou art, wouldst incline Thy face towards me, in all the goodness and beauty of Thy fair love!

 O amor, o speciosa meridies, mori vellem millies, ut in te mihi esset requies. Utinam tantam ac talem tuae pulchrae dilectionis faciem, o charissime, ad me inclines.

   Oh that it were given me to draw exceeding close unto Thee, that I might find myself not merely nigh Thee but even within Thee; that by Thee, the Sun of Justice, the flowers of all the virtues might spring up in me, who am now but dust and ashes; and that my soul, wedded unto Thee, might be blessed with such fecundity that the glorious fruit of all perfection might ripen in me! Then freed from this vale of misery and beholding Thy face, which is the object of my desires, I should glory eternally because Thou, O unspotted Mirror, hadst not disdained to be united in verity with a soul so sinful as mine!

 O si detur mihi venire tibi nimis prope, ut inveniam iam me non iuxta, sed intra te; ut de te sole iustitiae, in me pulvere et cinere, oriantur omnium virtutum flores, et te marito, mi domine, talis foecunditas accedat animae meae, ut nascatur in me totius perfectionis inclyta proies, quatenus erepta de valle huius miseriae, coram tua desiderabili facie, in perpetuum possim gloriari, quod tu speculum sine macula, mihi tali ac tantae peccatrici in veritate non sis dedignatus copulari.

   O CHARITY, at the hour of my death, let thy words, which are better than wine,19 refresh me, and let thy lips, which are sweeter than honey and the honeycomb,20 console me; and be thou thyself my way, lest in that hour I should go astray in crooked paths. Thou wilt help me, O queen, to attain unhindered unto the lovely and fruitful lands of the Divine wilderness; there may I deserve to enjoy in never-ending happiness the glorious presence of my Bridegroom, yea, of Him who is God, of Him who is the Lamb. And let all things say: Amen.

 Eia o charitas, in mortis hora, tua me reficiant verba super vinum meliora, et consolentur me labia tua super mel et favum dulciora 3 : et tu ipse sis mihi via, ne tune errem per devia, sed per te adiuta, o regina, absque impedimento perveniam ad divini deserti speciosa et pinguia, ubi in aeternum laetabunde perfrui merear sponsi mei Dei et Agni melliflua praesentia. Amen dicant omnia.








In the evening thou shalt long and faint with anticipation of enjoying the eternal vision of the glorious face of God and of the Lamb; and thou shalt cast thyself into the embrace of Jesus, thy Bridegroom and thy Lover, like a busy bee, clinging with thy soul’s kiss unto His loving Heart. Thou shalt ask of him the heavenly kiss that will make thee die unto thyself, that by this death thou mayest pass over into God and become one spirit with Him.” In thy thirst for God, cry out unto Him in the words of these verses from Psalm 41:

 In vespere tota liquescens, et deficiens super expectatione fruitionis sempiternae visionis mellifluae faciei dei et agni, irruas in amplexus sponsi Jesu amatoris tui, ut apis negotiosa, osculo tota adhaerens amatorio cordi eius, expostula ab eo tam efficax osculum, unde moriens tibi ipsi nunc et in morte tua transeas in deum, unusque spiritus 1 fias cum eo 2, clamans in siti

  As the hart panteth after the fountains of water, so my soul panteth after Thee, O God.

Quemadmodum desiderat cervus ad fontes aquarum, ita desiderat anima mea ad te, deus.

  My soul hath thirsted after the strong living God; when shall I come and appear before the face of God?

Sitivit anima mea ad deum fortem, vivum; quando veniam et apparebo ante faciem dei?

  My tears have been my bread day and night, whilst it is said unto me daily: “Where is thy God?”

Fuerunt mihi lacrymae meae panes die ac nocte, dura dicitur mihi quotidie : Ubi est deus tuns 3 ?

Then add the following prayer:


  Come, O Love, with Thy all-heavenly kiss, Thou art the fountain for which I thirst. Behold, my heart burneth for Thee; how great is my desire that Thou, O Sea of immensity, shouldst absorb me like a tiny drop of water in Thee! Thou art for my soul a Portal, living and most lovely, through which I may enter into Thee and bid farewell to myself.

 Eia o amer, dulcis osculo, tu es fons ille quem sitio. Ecce ad te cor meum aestuat; utinam, utinam o plenum mare me stillam modicam in te absorbeas. Tu es animae meae vivus et dulcissimus introitus, ut a me in te mihi fiat exitus.

  Come, open unto me the portal of salvation of Thy most beloved Heart. Behold, I no longer have my own heart with me, but Thou, O my dearest Treasure, dost keep it with Thee in Thy closed chamber. Thou art all my wealth, most dearly cherished by my heart. Unto Thee alone my soul doth cleave with all its ardor.

 Eia aperiatur mihi charissimi cordis tui salutaris introitus. Ecce cor meum iam non habeo mecum, sed tu o charissime thesaurus meus, tue in conclavi servas illud tecum. Tu es unica tota et charissima cordis mei substantiola. Tibi soli mea ferventer adhaesit animula 4.

  Oh, how ineffable is union with Thee! In truth, intimacy with Thee is far more precious than life itself. From Thee exhaleth the penetrating fragrance of the balsam of peace and of merciful forgiveness. Thou art the treasury that superaboundeth with Divine consolations. o CHARITY, queen that thou art, bring me into thy storerooms, (cf. Cant. 1:3) that I may taste the sweetness of the best wines which are hidden there! Behold, all thy vessels are filled unto the brim with God and overflowing with the Holy Spirit.

 O qualis tua societas. Vere, vere tua familiaritas longe melior est super vitas. Odor tuns, sicut divinae pacis et propitiationis intima balsama. Tu es divinae consolationis superabundans et dives nimis apotheca. Utinam, o regina charitas, in tua me introducas cellaria, ut degustem sua- viter tua meliora quae ibi latent vina 1. En omnia vasa tua deo plenissima, et spiritu sancto redundantia2.

Oh if I but had my desire, and if my choice were but granted me, that in very truth Thou shouldst turn Thee towards me and shouldst refresh me with the exquisite kiss of Thy merciful forgiveness! O my most dearly Beloved, would that in my inmost being I might take hold of Thee and kiss Thee, to be united with Thee in verity, to cleave unto Thee, and nevermore to be parted from Thee!

 O si mihi contingat hic quod cupio, et detur mihi ut veniat mea chara optio, et in veritate tui sit ad me conversio, et reficias me in tuae propitiationis praesuavi osculo. Utinam, o charissimum charum meum, in intimis meis apprehendam te et deosculer, ut tibi unita veraciter, tibi adhaeream inseparabiliter.

   Love, O Holy Spirit, Thou art the all-sweet Kiss of the holy Trinity, which doth so powerfully unite the Father and the Son. Thou art that Kiss of salvation which the ever-reigning Godhead hath impressed upon our humanity through the Son.

 O amor, tu es praesuave sanctae Trinitatis osculum, quod tam potenter unit patrem et filium 3. Tu es hoc salutare osculum, quod imperialis divinitas nostrae humanitati impressit per filium.

   heavenly Kiss, let me not slip from Thy bonds in my littleness and lowliness; lavish upon me Thy touch and Thy embrace, until I become one spirit with God . (cf. I Cor. 6:17) Let it be mine to experience in verity how great is the delight of embracing Thee in Thyself and of being united unto Thee, the living God, my most cherished Love.

 O osculum dulcissimum 4, ne me pulverem exiguum, tuum praetereat vinculum : non parcat mihi tuus contactus pariter et complexus, quousque cum deo fiam unus spiritus 5. Fac me veraciter experiri quantae deliciae sint te deum vivum, dulcissimum amorem meum, in teipso complecti, tibique uniri.

    Love, O God, Thou art my dearest possession, and apart from Thee I neither hope, nor wish for, nor desire aught else in heaven or on earth. Thou art my true inheritance and all my expectation; Thou art my sole aim, and all my intent is to gain Thee.

 O amor deus 6, tu es mea charissima possessio, sine qua in coelo et in terra nihil aliud spero, nec volo, nec cupio. Tu es mea vera haereditas et tota exspectatio, ad quam tendit finis meus et intentio.

  Come, O Love, let Thy perfect love for me be my end and my perfection. When evening falleth, show me the covenant of spiritual marriage which my heart now entereth upon with Thee. In the countenance of my God, whom I love surpassingly, Thou art the Light of the evening star. O my beloved and glorious Evening, graciously appear unto me at the hour of my death, that I may have in Thee the long-desired evening of my sojourn upon earth, and gently fall asleep and take my repose in theblessed haven of Thy breast.

 Eia O amor, tua in me consummata dilectio sit finis meus et consummatio. Pactum nuptialis foederis, quod cor meum nunc tecum iniit, demonstra mihi cum advesperascit. In vultu mei charissimi dei, tu lumen vespertini sideris. In mortis meae tempore, tu mihi dignanter appare, o meum charum et praeclarum vespere, ut in te habeam huius incolatus mei optatum vespere, in tuo pleno omni dulcedine suaviter obdormiens et requiescens pectore 1.

  O Love, O God, Thou who art my deliverance, graciously infold my soul within Thee; then, arrayed in Thee and in Thy regal beauty, I shall appear worthily in the presence of my eternal Bridegroom, clad in my wedding garment and bearing my bridal dowry.

 O amor deus, mea resolutio fiat mihi animae meae in te involutio; ut te circumamicta 2, in decore tuo regali, digna appaream coram sponso immortali, in vestitu nuptiali, cum dote sponsali.

  Come, O Love, let the hour of my life’s ending be stamped with the seal of Thy dear affection and imprinted with the mark of Thy unending forgiveness, that Thy blessing may rain down upon me in its fulness and bring me without hindrance unto the portal of my eternal reception into Thee, to the portal of everlasting fruition and endless possession.

 Eia O amor, bora meae consummationis signetur sigillo 3 tuae charae dilectionis, impressa charactere tuae aeternae propitiationis, ut ubertas tuae distillantis benedictionis perducat me absque impedimento, ad ingressum meae aeternae in te receptionis, sempiternae fruitionis, et perpetuae possessionis.

  O Love, O my dearly beloved Evening, in the hour of my death may I behold Thee gladly and joyfully! May that holy flame which, in the fiery omnipotence of the Godhead, burneth in Thee eternally, purge out every stain from my soul most verily.

 O amor, O meum charissimum vespere, in hora mortis iucunde te videam et laetanter. Illa sancta flamma, quae in divinitatis vi ignea in te ardet iugiter, omnem maculam ab anima mea expurget veraciter.

  O my all-sweet Evening, when the evening of this life closeth in about me, grant that I may be sweetly lulled to sleep in Thee and experience that most blessed rest which is prepared in Thee for Thy beloved! May Thy fair love look upon me with all its calm and loveliness, and deign to set in order and dispose the splendid preparations for my nuptials. By the riches of Thy bounty, cover over my poverty and conceal the neediness of my ignoble life. In the delights of Thy charity, let my soul dwell with exceeding trust.

 O meum praedulce vespere, quum mihi advenerit vitae huius vespere, fac me in te dulciter sopiri, et illam beatissimam, quae in te charis tuis parata est, requiem experiri. Tuae pulchrae dilectionis respectus placidus nimis et gratus, dignanter ordinet et disponat nuptiarum mearum apparatus. Tuae bonitatis divitiis cooperi, et contege penuriam et inopiam vitae meae degeneris. Tuae charitatis in deliciis, anima mea habitet confidenter nimis.

   Then, O Love, be Thou Thyself my Evening, that in Thee my soul, with joy and exultation, may bid my body a fond farewell, and in Thy shade my spirit, returning unto the Lord who gave it, may softly rest in peace. Then shalt Thou say unto me clearly, Thy voice resounding like a melodious harp: “Behold, the Bridegroom is at hand! (cf. Matt. 25:6) Go forth now and draw yet nearer unto Him, that the glory of His countenance may make thee glad!”

O amor, tu ipse mihi tune sis vespere tale, ut per te anima mea cum laetitia et exsultatione dicat corpori meo dulce vale, et spiritus meus rediens ad dominum qui dedit ilum, sub umbra tua suaviter requiescat in pace. Tunc mihi dicas manifeste, voce propria citharizans dulcissime : Ecce advenit sponsus 1; jam egredere, eique iungere propius, ut laetificet te gloria sui vultus.

  Oh how happy, how blessed, is the man whose earthly sojourning endeth in Thee! Woe is me! How long shall my sojourning be prolonged? Oh what will this Then be like, when there shall come for me that sweet and most delightful Now, wherein the glory of my God, my King, and my Bridegroom shall be revealed and shall appear unto me, with never-ending joy in Him and everlasting happiness? When in all truth I shall contemplate and behold that lovely face of my Jesus, which I have sought and desired, and for whose beauty my soul hath thirsted and yearned so long? Then most certainly shall I be satisfied and made full by the torrent of His pleasure, which now hath been so long concealed from me in the treasure house of the Godhead. Then shall I behold and contemplate my God, my dearest Love, for whom now my spirit and my heart have fainted away. (cf. Ps. 72:26)

 O quam felix, quam beatus, cuius in te finem habet incolatus 2. Heu mihi, heu mihi, quamdiu erit mihi prolongatus 3? O quale erit illud tune, quum mihi advenerit hoc praesuave et amoenum nunc, quum manifestabitur mihi, et apparebit dei mei, regis mei et sponsi mei gloria, cum interminabili fruitione et sempiterna laetitia; quando in veritate contemplabor, et videbo illam desiderabilem, illam optabilem, illam amabilem Jesu mei faciem cuius tamdiu anima mea sitivit et concupivit speciem 4. Certe tunc satiabor et adimplebor de torrente illius voluptatis, quae mihi nunc tamdiu clausa latet in apothecis divinitatis. Tune videbo et contemplabor deum meum charissimum amorem meum; in quem nunc deficit spiritus meus et cor meum 5.

  Oh when wilt Thou show me Thyself, that I may behold Thee and may draw waters with delight from Thee, O God, who art the living Fountain? Then shall I drink and be inebriated with the plenitude of the sweetness of the living Fountain, which poureth forth from the delights of the glorious face of Him whom my soul desireth.

 O quando, quando ostendes mihi teipsum, ut videam et hauriam cum iucunditate te deum fontem vivum? Tune potabor et inebriabor ad ubertate dulcedinis fontis vivi, qui distillat ex deliciis illius, quern anima mea desiderat, mellifluae facieiIl.

   O lovely Face, when wilt Thou satisfy me with Thyself? Then shall I go into the place of the wonderful tabernacle, even into the sight of God, before the portal of whose presence chamber my heart groaneth because of the length of my sojourning. Oh when wilt Thou fill me with happiness by Thy glorious face? Then shall I contemplate, then shall I kiss my Jesus, the true Bridegroom of my soul, to whom my whole being already cleaveth in its dryness, and towards whom it reacheth out with its every fibre.

 O dulcis facies, de te me quando saties I? Tune introibo in locum tabernaculi admirabilis, usque ad aspectum dei s, cuius ad ingressum cor meum fit gemens pro mora incolatus mei. O quando adimplebis me laetitia cum facie tua melliflua'? Tune contemplabor et deosculabor verum animae meae sponsum lesum meum, cui iam in siti adhaesit, et post quern simul abit totum cor meum.

  Oh, who will deliver me from the exile of this pilgrimage? Oh, who will release me from the snares of this world? Oh, when shall I leave this wretched body behind, that I may behold Thee without a veil, O Love, O God, O Star of stars? In Thee, O dearest Love, I shall be released from the temptations of this mortal life; in Thee, O God my Lover, I shall leap over the wall (cf. Ps. 17:30) of the body and find myself in that place of security and of rejoicing where I shall behold Thee no longer in a dark manner but in truth and face to face.

 O quis me liberabit peregrinationis huius ab exilio? O quis me eripiet saeculi huius a laqueo? O quando relinquam corpus hoc miserum ut sine medio videam te, O amor deus, sidus siderum? In te, O amor chare, eripiar mortis huius a tentatione : in te deo amatore meo murum corporis transgrediens 2, cum securitate et exsultatione, ubi in veritate sine aenigmate facie ad faciem videam te 3.

  Come, Thou Fountain of everlasting light, draw me back unto Thyself, unto the abyss of the ocean of Thy Being (whence I issued forth by Thy creative act), where I may know as I am known (cf. 1 Cor. 13:12) and love as I am loved; that I may see Thee, my God, as Thou art, (cf. 1 John 3:2) and be blessed for evermore in the vision, fruition, and possession of Thyself. Amen.

 Eia tu fons sempiternorum luminum, repete me in tuum, a quo profluxi, abyssale profluvium 4, ubi cognoscam sicut cognita sum, amem sicut amata sum : ut sicuti es, videam te deum meum 5, visione, fruitione et possessione tua beatificata in perpetuum. Amen.






On this same day of love, thou shalt offer thy soul unto the Lord seven times, that He may refresh within thee thy love for His Divine Heart.

  In ipso etiam die amoris, septies offeres domino animam tuam ad refrigerandum in te amorem divini cordis sui.







And first at the hour of Matins pray unto the Lord, the most perfect of all masters, that by the anointing of His Spirit He may teach thee the art of love, accepting thee as His own disciple, that under His tutorship thou mayest be exercised unremittingly in the virtue of charity. Thou shalt recite this verse and prayer:

Et primo ad matutinas ora dominum, ut ipse summus magister, unctione spiritus sui, doceat te artem amoris S, assumens te in propriam discipulam, ut eo doctore exercearis infatigabiliter in virtute charitatis. Et die

  VERSE. O Lord, Jesus Christ, to Thee have I fled. Teach me to do Thy will, for Thou art my God. (Ps. 142:10)

Domine lesu Christe, ad te confugi : doce me facere voluntatem tuam, quia deus meus es tu'.



  O Love, O Master, O my Lord, Thou who art higher than the heavens and deeper than the abyss, the vision of whose marvelous wisdom is the beatitude of all Thy creatures! Thou whose charity hath no limits, who art above the cherubim, (cf. Isai. 37:16)  dost look down upon the lowly (cf. Ps. 112:6) in this vale of tears and dost gather the little children to instruct them in the ways of salvation; come, refuse not Thy lessons unto me in my meanness, but refresh me, I beseech Thee, with Thy lifegiving doctrine. Adopt me as Thy daughter, that Thou mayest possess me as all Thy own, for this is the desire of my heart! Come, O Love, begin at once to teach me; separate me from myself for the ministry of Thy living charity and affection, and, O Love, possess, sanctify, and utterly fill my spirit. Amen.

 Oratio: O amor, rabbi, domine mi, coelis sublimior et abysso profundior, cuius admirabilis sapienta solo visu beatificat omnia, desuper cherubim charitate plenissima, in valle plorationis respiciens humilia, et colligens parvulos ad tua dogmata salutaria : eia ne me peripsema tua praetereat disciplina, sed reficiat me quaeso tua vitalis doctrina. Utinam, et millies utinam, me adoptes in filiam, ut habeas et possideas me tamquam propriam. Eia o amor, iam in me incipias exercere magisterium, a memetipsa segregans me in tuae vivae charitatis et dilectionis ministerium, totum, o amor, meum possidens, sanctificans et adimplens spiritum. Amen.



 2 [PRIME]




 At the hour of Prime pray unto the Lord, that He may admit thee into the school of love, where thou mayest learn yet more fully how to know and to love Jesus. Now therefore recite this verse and prayer:

 Ad primam ora dominum ut introducat te in scholam amoris 1, ubi addiscas lesum cognoscere et amare. Et hoc cum oratione et versu

  VERSE. I am Thy handmaid, O Jesus most loving! Give me understanding, that I may learn Thy commandments (cf. Ps. 118:73).

 Ancilla tua ego sum, amantissime lesu, da mihi intellectum, ut discam mandata tua 2.



  O Love, O God, with what great care Thou dost warm Thy little ones and give them nourishment in the bosom of Thy charity, even as the hen tendeth her chickens! Open straightway unto me the school of chaste love, for this is the desire of my heart! There let me hear Thy precious teachings, and through Thee let my soul attain unto goodness, (cf. Wisd. 8:19. [96]) nay even unto holiness and perfection in truth.

 O amor deus, quam bene, quam diligenter tu tuos in charitatis gremio foves et nutris pullos. Utinam, et millies utinam, iam mihi castae dilectionis aperias scholam, ut inibi tuarn charissimam experiar disciplinam, et per te sortiar non solum bonam, sed et in veritate sanctam et perfectam animam 3.

  Come, O Love, immerse my spirit so deeply in Thy charity, that through Thee I may become a child gifted with understanding, and Thou Thyself mayest be in truth my Father, Teacher, and Master. Then by Thy fatherly blessing let my spirit be completely purified and refined from all the dross of sin, that it may be altogether ready and apt to receive Thy burning words, and Thy Holy Spirit, O Love, Thy right and perfect Spirit, may dwell within my whole being. Amen.

 Eia o amor, in tuae charitatis medullam meos intinge sensus, ut per te fiam puer ingeniosus, et tu ipse in veritate sis pater, doctor et magister meus, et sub tua paterna benedictione, ab omni peccati scoria meus integre depuretur et decoquatur spiritus : ut ad capienda tua ignota eloquia, totus reddatur conveniens et aptus, et me totam, o amor, tuus sanctus, rectus et principalis inhabitet spiritus 1. Amen.



 3 [TERCE]




At the hour of Terce pray unto the Lord, that He may write the burning law of His Divine love in thy heart with the living letters of His Spirit, that thou mayest ever and always cleave closely unto Him. Now therefore recite this verse and prayer:

 Ad tertiam ora dominum, ut vivis litteris spiritus sui inscribat cordi tuo legem ignitam sui divini amoris, ut inseparabiliter ei adhaereas omnibus horis. Et hoc cum oratione et versu

  VERSE. Oh that all my thoughts, words, and works may be directed to keep Thy justifications, (cf. Ps. 118:5)most loving Jesus, at all times!

 Utinam, amantissime lesu, dirigantur omnes cogitationes, i verba et opera mea, ad custodiendas iustificationes 2 tuas in omni tempore 3.



  O Love, O God, how present Thou art unto them that seek Thee! How kind, how lovable unto them that find Thee! Oh if Thou wouldst but explain unto me now Thy wondrous Alphabet, that my heart may have one lesson therein from Thee! Teach me to know by living experience the essence of the glorious Alpha which is the beginning of Thy fair love, and hide not from me that Beta which doth produce the rich and abundant fruits of Thy ever-reigning wisdom. With the finger of God, which is Thy Spirit, (See Luke 11:20) point out unto me carefully, one by one, each letter of Thy charity, that I may in truth examine, consider, learn, know, and recognize them (so far as is lawful in this life) with the pure eyes of my heart, until I attain a foretaste of Thy delights.

 0 amor deus, quam praesto es te quaerentibus, quam dulcis 4, quam amabilis te invenientibus. O si mihi nunc tuum expandas admirabile alphabetum, ut cor meum unum studium subeat tecum. Dicito mihi nunc in viva experientia, quid vel quale sit tuae pulchrae dilectionis gloriosum et principale alpha : ne me celes adimpletionis generationum imperialis sapientiae tuae fructuosum betha 1. Digito spiritus tui diligenter et sigillatim mihi ostende singulas charitatis tuae litteras, ut usque ad medullam praegustationis tuarum dulcedinum, in veritate mundo cordis oculo scruter et perlustrem, addiscam, sciam et integre, quantum fas est in hac vita, recognoscam eas.

  Teach me by the cooperation of Thy Spirit the Tau of supreme perfection, and guide me unto the Omega of complete consummation. Grant that in this life I may so perfectly learn Thy scripture, full of charity and love, that to fill up Thy charity in me, not one Iota may be wanting, lest thereby I might be made to tarry when Thou, O Love, O God, O my kindest Love, callest me unto Thee, to contemplate Thee Thyself, in Thyself, eternally. Amen.

 Doce me per tui spiritus cooperationem 6 tau summae perfectionis, et perdue me ad 0 plenae consummations'. Fac me in hac vita tam perfecte addiscere tuam plenam charitate et dilectione scripturam, ut in me non unum iota vacet a tuae charitatis adimpletione 1, unde moram patiar, quum me, o amor deus, dulcis amor meus, ad te evocaveris, temetipsum in teipso perpetuo contemplaturam. Amen.



 4 [SEXT]




 At the hour of Sext pray unto the Lord that thou mayest make such progress in the art of loving Him, that His love may use thee as its own instrument according to all His will, and thou mayest be fashioned entirely after God’s Heart. Now therefore recite this verse and prayer:

 Ad sextam ora dominum, ut in arte amoris sui in tantum proficias, ut amor eius quasi proprium instrumentum habeat te ad omnem voluntatem suam, et tota fias secundum cor Dei. Et dicas orationem et versum

    VERSE. O my beloved Jesus, Thou true Lawgiver, give me Thy dearest blessing, that I may go on from strength unto strength and behold Thee, the God of gods, in Sion. (cf. Ps. 83:8)

 Benedictionem tuam dulcissimam da mihi, Iesu mi chare, verus legislator, ut eam de virtute in virtutem, et videam te deum deorum in Sion 2.



  O Love, O God, whoever loveth Thee not is a babe incapable of speech; and none shall grow unto maturity save him who cleaveth with his whole being unto Thee and constantly offereth unto Thee all his love. Come, let not me alone be thus ever left behind in Thy school of charity, like a tiny chick that hath not yet been hatched to profit by Thy care; but in Thee and through Thee, or rather with Thee, let me grow into maturity day by day and advance from strength unto strength, daily bringing forth fruit unto Thee, my Beloved, in the new path of Thy love. Nor doth it suffice me to know Thee only by the syllables of Thy name; I wish, I long, and I greatly desire to know Thee with understanding, to love Thee mightily, to fix my affections upon Thee with ravishment, yea, but also with wisdom, and to cleave unto Thee deathlessly, that I may now begin to live no longer in myself but in Thee alone. Now, O Love, make Thyself known unto me in truth and enthrone Thyself in my soul in all holiness. Amen.

 0 amor deus, omnis qui te non diligit, elinguis est et infans : et hic solus proficit, qui tibi totus adhaeret, te solum indesinenter amans. Eia, ne in tuae charitatis schola semper sic relinquar ego sola, tamquam tener pullus tuae educationis adhuc in ovo : sed in te et per te, imo tecum, eam et proficiam de die in diem, de virtute in virtutem 3, quotidie tibi, dilecte mi, fructum ferens in tuae dilectionis limite novo. Neque mihi sufficit scire te tantum syllabice desidero, cupio, et millies exopto nosse etiam te theorice 4, amare te valide, non solum dulciter; sed et sapienter te diligere, et inseparabiliter adhaerere, ut incipiam iam non amplius in me, sed in te tibi soli vivere. Nunc o amor, fac me te recognoscere in veritate, et in anima mea tibi sedem colloca in omni sanctitate. Amen.



 5 [NONE]




At the hour of None pray unto the Lord that He, the King of Kings, may enroll thee in the service of love and teach thee to take the sweet yoke and light burden upon thee, that thou mayest follow thy Lord with thy cross and cleave unto thy God with deathless love. Now therefore recite this verse and prayer:

Ad nonam ora dominum, ut ipse rex regum faciat te suscipere militiam amoris 1, et doceat te tollere super te iugum suave et onus leve, ut sequaris dominum tuum cum cruce tua 2, deo tuo adhaerens amore individuo, et hoc cum oratione et versu

   VERSE. Thou, O Lord, art my hope, my protector, and my refuge; Thou art with me in all my tribulation. (cf. Ps. 90:2, 15)

 Tu es, domine, spes mea, susceptor meus et refugium meum : tu mecum es in omni tribulatione mea s.



  O Love, O God, if anyone proveth himself both quick and steadfast in the work of Thy love, he shall stand for ever in the presence of Thy majesty. Come, O CHARITY, thou queen of queens, for thy glory let me ally myself with thee in the new service of thy affection. Teach me to put out my hand to works of strength (cf. Prov. 31:19)and in Thee and through Thee to undertake and perform, quickly and unwearyingly, the offices of Thy love. Gird my thigh with the sword of Thy Spirit, O Thou most mighty, (cf. Eph. 6:17; Ps. 44:4) and give me a manly heart, that I may strive after the virtues manfully and resolutely, and, in firm reliance upon Thee, persevere at Thy side invincibly.

 O amor deus, omnis qui fortis et velox in tuae dilectionis reperitur opere, hic vere coram tua regali facie stabit omni tempore 4. Eia O reginarum regina charitas, fac pro tua gloria tecum coniurare in nova tuae dilectionis militia b. Doce me manum mittere ad fortia 6, et in te, et per te velociter et indefesse aggredi et complere tuae dilectionis fidelissima nimis negotia. Tu gladio spiritus î tui femur meum accinge potentissime, et fac me mente virum induere, ut in omni virtute viriliter agam et strenue, et in te bene solidata tecum inseparabiliter perseverem invincibili mente.

  Let me devote all my forces so fully to the demands of Thy charity and so far fix and establish my thoughts in Thee, that despite the weakness of my sex, I may attain, by strength of soul and virility of mind, to that manner of love which bringeth one unto the secret apartment of the nuptial chamber of perfect union with Thee. Now, O Love, hold and possess me as Thy own, for henceforth I have neither spirit nor soul save in Thee. Amen.

 Omnes meae vires sic fiant appropriatae tuae charitati, et sensus mei in te fundati et firmati, ut in sexu fragili, virtute animi menteque virili pertingam ad hoc genus amoris, quod perducit ad thalamum cubiculi interioris tuae perfectae unionis. Nunc o amor, tene et habe me tibi in propriam, quia iam ultra nisi in te nec spiritum habeo, nec animam. Amen.







At the hour of Vespers, with Jesus thy Lover, go forward in safety to meet every temptation with the armor of thy Lover, that in Him (whose mercy ever helpeth and comforteth thee) thou mayest be able to overcome thy own flesh, the world, and the devil, and to triumph gloriously over every temptation. Ask for such victory by this verse and prayer:

Ad vesperas, cum Iesu amatore tuo, in amoris armatura omni tentationi obviam procede secura 1, ut in eo, cuius misericordia te semper adiuvat et consolatur, carnem tuam, mundum et diabolum possis superare, et de omni tentatione gloriose triumphare. Et hoc postula cum oratione et versu

  VERSE. O my kindest Jesus, suffer not my foot to be moved; for behold, Thou dost neither slumber nor sleep, Thou who

 Jesu mi dulcissime, non des in commotionem pedem meum, quia non dormis neque dormitas z, qui custodis animam meam 3.

keepest my sou1. (cf. Ps. 120:3-4)




  O Love, O God, Thou Thyself art my wall and my bulwark. (cf. Isai. 26:1)Behold, they who endure anguish in this world know what a shade is spread above them in Thy peace, as a protection from the heat and from the rain. (See ibid. 4:6)Come, look now upon me and see the battle which I sustain, and do Thou Thyself teach my fingers to war. (cf. Ps. 143:1)If armies in camp should stand together against me, my heart shall not fear, (Ps. 26:3)for Thou Thyself, O my faithful rampart, my strong tower, art with me both within and without.

 O amor deus, tu ipse es murus meus et antemurale 4. Qui in hoc mundo sustinent pressuras, ecce hi sciunt quale in tua pace stratum sit eis defensionem ab aestu et a pluvia umbraculum 5. Eia nunc respice et vide meum praelium, et tu ipse informa digitos meos ad bellum. Si consistant adversum me castra, non timebit cor meum, quum tu ipse, o fidele menin propugnaculum et turris fortissima, mecum sis intus et extra.

  If Thou dost help me, where is my adversary? If Thou art for me, let him advance against me! Thou dost show me the plots of Satan at a glance, and with a word, as if with the merest puff, Thou dost blow them out of my path. If my enemy throweth me down a thousand times, will not Thy dearest right hand reach out unto me as I fall? I shall embrace this hand of Thine and kiss it lovingly; with Thee to fight for me and defend me, I shall stand firm against every danger and suffer no harm.

 Ubi est adversarius meus, te adjuvante? Te pro me stante, huc accedat ad me. Tu solo visu aperis mihi et denudas cogitationes satanae, et exsufflas eas verbo coram me '. Si millies praecipitaverit me inimicus meus, super charissimam manum dexteram tuam cadens, hanc amplexabor et deosculabor totis praecordiis, et te propugnante, te defendente me, ab omni periculo illaesa stabo fortis.

  Do Thou within me tread Satan underfoot (cf. Rom. 16:20)and bring to naught and utterly discomfit all my faults. In Thy presence let a thousand fall at my side and ten thousand at my right hand . (cf. Ps. 90:7) But evil shall not approach me, since Thou Thyself art with me, O my sublime Truth and dearest Good! Oh that at last Thou wouldst turn Thy sharp arrows (Ps. 44:6) against me! Oh that Thou wouldst pierce my heart with the lance of Thy love, that I may dwell with all the more confidence in the midst of Thee, (cf. Jer. 23:6)O Charity, and in Thee! Now, O Love, let me so fall here beneath Thy assault, that I may not slip from between Thy hands for all eternity. Amen.

 Tu in me conculca satanam sub pedibus 8, et omne genus defectuum meorum interfice et fuga penitus. In conspectu tuo cadant mille a meo latere, et millena millia a dextris meis 9. Ad me autem non accedat malum, quum tu ipse sis mecum, meum summum verum et charissimum bonum. Utinam, et millies utinam, tandem ad me convertantur sagittae tuae acutae 1, ut lanceam dilectionis tuae gestans in visceribus, in medio tui, o charitas, confidenter nimis habitera et in te 2. Nunc iam, o amor, hic sub te sic cadam, ut in aeternum manus tuas non evadam. Amen.







At the hour of Compline, present unto the Lord thy eager desires: to be inebriated with the wine of love poured out for thee by thy Beloved; to forget the world in union with God; to pass over from thyself into the embrace of thy Beloved; and, putting of} the last remnants of thy human weakness, gently to fall asleep upon the breast of Jesus. Thus thou shalt daily die unto thyself in love and live unto God alone, and in death’s hour thou shalt with confidence meet death, looking upon it as the end of thy exile, the door of the kingdom, and the gate of heaven. Now therefore recite this verse and prayer:

 Ad completorium, exopta cum dilecto vino amoris inebriari 3, in dei unione mundo sopiri, in amplexu dilecti a teipsa in deum exspirare, et in pectore Iesu iam pene tota exuta homine, suaviter obdormire, ut in amore quotidie tibi ipsi moriens et soli deo vivens, in mortis hora fiducialiter occurras morti, respiciens eam quasi finem tui exilii, ianuam regni et portam coeli. Et hoc cum oratione et versu

  VERSE. Hide me, O most loving Jesus, in the secret of Thy face, (cf. Ps. 30:21) from all who lie in wait for me; and let not my soul be put to shame when she shall speak to her enemies in the gate, (cf. Ps. 126:5) but fill her with happiness by Thy glorious face.

 Absconde me, amantissime Iesu, in abscondito faciei tuae ab omnibus insidiantibus mihi, et non confundatur anima mea, quum loquetur inimicis suis in porta 4; sed adimple eam laetitia cum facie tua melliflua 5.



  O Love, O God, Thou art the consummation and end of all good; all whom Thou hast chosen, Thou lovest unto the end; whatsoever cometh into Thy hands Thou wilt not cast out, (cf. John 6:37)but wilt keep for Thyself with exceeding care. Come, appropriate unto Thyself both my whole being and the end of my perfection, by right of everlasting possession. From this moment spare me no longer, but wound the depths of my heart until my very spirit is transpierced, that Thou mayest leave within me not one spark of life. Nay rather, transport my whole life with Thee, keeping back my soul in Thee for Thyself.

 O amor deus, tu es totius boni consummatio et finis 6 tu usque in finem diligis quod eligis 1 : quodcumque tibi in manus venerit, foras non eiicis, sed servas tibimetipsi diligenter nimis. Eia meipsam totam, et finem meae consummationis tibi appropria iure perpetuae possessionis. Jam ultra non parcas mihi, sed vulnera cor meum usque ad spiritus medullam, ut in me vitae scintillam penitus relinquas nullam 1. Imo totam tecum asporta vitam meam, tibi ipsi in te reservans animam.

  Who will grant me, O Charity, to be perfected in Thee, to be freed from the prison of this body through death bestowed by Thee, and to be delivered from this sojourning? What a blessing, O Love, to behold Thee, to enjoy Thee, and to possess Thee for eternity! On the day of my death do Thou comfort me richly by Thy presence, and bless me then in the fair dawn of the contemplation of Thee face to face. Now, O Love, I here bequeath and commend unto Thee my life and my soul both together; suffer me now in peace to rest and to sleep (cf. Ps. 4:9) in Thee. Amen.

 Quis dabit mihi in te, o charitas, consummari, tuaque morte 2 a carcere corporis solvi, et ab hoc incolatu liberari? Quam bonum, o amor, te videre, te habere, et in aeternum possidere. In die meae defunctionis, tu ipse adsis mihi respectu magnae consolationis, et benedicas mihi tune in pulchra aurora tuae manifestae contemplationis. Nunc o amor, tibi hic relinquo et commendo vitam meam simul et animam : sine me iam, sine, ut in pace in te requiescam et obdormiam 3. Amen.






In the course of this day which thou hast given over unto love, devote thyself unto earnest meditation, that thy heart may take fire from the true Sun which is God, and this fire may never go out within thee, but thou mayest grow in love from day unto day. To this end choose one of these verses:

 Per diem etiam illum quo vacaris amori, pro accensione sensuum tuorum a vero sole qui deus est, ne unquam extinguaris, sed de die in diem crescas in amore : ruminabis assidue unum de his versibus

  Blessed are the eyes that see Thee, O Love, O God! Oh when shall I come thither where Thou, O God, art the true Light, God and the Lamb? I know that at last I shall behold Thee with my eyes, O Jesus, my God and my Saviour!

 Beati oculi qui vident te 4, O amor Deus. O quando, quando illuc perveniam, ubi tu es deus verum lumen, deus et agnus? Scio quia tandem te videbo meis oculis 1, o lesu deus salutaris meus.

  Blessed are the ears that hear Thee, O Love, O God, O Word of life! Oh when shall I hear the unearthly music of Thy voice, comforting me and calling me unto Thee? Come, let me not fear the hearing of condemnation, (cf. Ps. 111:7) but let me speedily hear Thy voice calling me unto glory. Amen.

 Beatae aures quae audiunt te, O amor deus, verbum vitae s. O quando, quando vox tua plena melliflua suavitate consolabitur me, vocans me ad te? Eia ab auditione mala non timeam 1, sed cito audiam vocis tuae gloriam 8. Amen.

Blessed are the nostrils that breathe Thee in, O Love, O God,Thou fragrance of life! Oh when will the heavenly scent of Thy Divinity breathe round about me? Pray let me come speedily unto the fertile and delightful pastures of the eternal vision of Thee. Amen.

 Beatae nares quae aspirant te, o amor deus, dulcissimum vitae aroma. 0 quando, quando aspirabit mihi tuae mellifluae divinitatis fragrantia? Eia veniam cito ad tuae sempiternae visionis pinguia et amoena pascua. Amen.

 Blessed is the mouth that tasteth, O Love, O God, Thy words of consolation, sweeter than honey and the honeycomb! Oh when will my soul be filled with the riches of Thy Godhead (cf. Ps. 62:6) and inebriated with the plenitude of Thy delights? Come, Lord, here on earth let me so taste that Thou art sweet, (cf. Ps. 33:9) that there in heaven I may have the happiness of enjoying Thee, O God of my life, for all eternity. Amen.

 Beatum os quod gustat, o amor deus, tuae consolationis verba, super mel et favum dulciora 1. O quando, quando replebitur anima mea tuae divinitatis ex adipe, et inebriabitur tuae voluptatis ubertate 2? Eia sic gustem hic, quoniam tu suavis es 3, domine mi, ut in aeternum feliciter te, o deus vitae meae, perfruar ibi. Amen.

 Blessed is the soul that cleaveth unto Thee in the embrace of deathless love, and blessed is the heart that doth experience the kiss of Thy Heart, O Love, O God, entering upon an inviolable nuptial bond with Thee! Oh when shall I be held in the arms of Thy blessedness and come to behold Thee, O God of my heart, without a veil? Come, snatch me speedily from this exile, and let me with jubilation behold Thy glorious face! Amen.

 Beata anima, quae amplexu amoris inseparabilis adhaesit super te, et beatum cor, quod sentit tui cordis osculum, o amor deus, iniens tecum indissolubilis amicitiae foedus. O quando, quando tuis brachiis beatis stringar, et te, o deus cordis mei, sine medio aspiciam? Eia cito, cito erepta ab hoc exilio, faciem tuam mellifluam videam in iubilo 4. Amen.

Finally, to obtain confirmation in love, abandon and resign thyself entirely unto the control of love, cleaving with thy whole being unto God thy Lover, that He may use thee as an instrument wherewith to delight His Divine Heart as He will, and keep thee in Him and Himself in thee, for Himself, unto eternal life. Now therefore recite this prayer:

 Postremo pro confirmatione amoris dimitte et resigna teipsam totam in potestatem amoris, deo amatori tuo tota adhaerens : ut habeat te pro instrumento ad omne delectamentum sui divini cordis, et te in se, et se in te, sibimetipsi conservet in vitam aeternam, dicens hanc orationem

  I hold Thee by my love, O most loving Jesus, and I will not let Thee go, (See Gen. 32:26) for Thy blessing is in nowise enough for me unless I may hold Thee and possess Thee as my best part, all my hope, and all my expectation. Now, O Love, Thou Life who dost give life, give me life in that living Word of God who is Thyself; thus for whatever part of the love of God has been wasted and lost within me, do Thou make amends through Thyself.

Amore te teneo, amantissime Jesu, nec dimittam 5 quia nequaquam sufficit mihi benedictio tua 6, nisi teipsum teneam, et habeam optimam partem meam', totam spem et expectationem meam. Et O amor vita vivificans, in vivo dei verbo, quod tu ipso es, vivifica me : quicquid in dei amore 1 est distractum et extinctum, in me reparans per te.

   • Love, O God, who hast created me, in Thy love recreate me. O Love who hast redeemed me, fill up and redeem for Thyself in me whatever part of Thy love hath fallen into neglect within me. O Love, O God, who, to make me Thine, in the blood of Thy Christ hast purchased me, in Thy truth sanctify me. (cf. John 17:17) O Love, O God, who hast adopted me as a daughter, after Thy own Heart fashion and foster me. O Love, who as Thine and not another’s hast chosen me, grant that I may cleave unto Thee with my whole being. O Love, O God, who hast first loved me, grant that with my whole heart, and with my whole soul, and with my whole strength, I may love Thee.

 O amor deus, qui creasti me, in amore tuo recrea me. O amor qui redemisti me, quicquid in amore tuo est neglectum in me, tibimetipsi supple et redime in me. O amor dens 2, qui in sanguine Christi tui tibimetipsi acquisivisti me, in veritate tua sanctifica me s. 0 amor deus, qui in filiam adoptasti me, secundum cor tuum nutri, nutri me. O amor, qui tibi et non alii elegisti me, fac me totam tibi adhaerere. O amor deus, qui gratis dilexisti me, da mihi toto corde, tota anima, tota virtute, diligere te 4.

  • Love, O God almighty, in Thy love confirm me. O Love most wise, give me wisdom in the love of Thee. O Love most sweet, give me sweetness in the taste of Thee. O Love most dear, grant that I may live unto Thee alone. O Love most faithful, in all my tribulations comfort and succor me. O Love who art ever with me, work all my works in me. (See Isai. 26:12) O Love most victorious, grant that I may persevere unto the end in Thee.

 O amor deus omnipotentissime, in amore tuo confirma me. O amor sapientissime, da mihi sapienter amare te. O amor dulcissime, da mihi suaviter gustare te. O amor charissime, da mihi tibi soli vivere. O amor fidelissime, in omni tribulatione mea consolare et adiuva me. O amor socialissime 5, omnia opera mea operare in me 8. O amor victoriosissime, da mihi usque in finem perseverare in te.

  Love most cherished, who hast never forsaken me, unto Thee I commend my spirit. In the hour of my death receive me unto Thyself, calling me unto Thee with Thy own voice and saying: “This day thou shalt be with Me; come forth now from thy exile unto the solemn Morrow of that eternity which shall never fade! There thou shalt find Me, Jesus, the true Today of the Divine glory, who am the beginning and the end of every created being. In this immutability never again shalt thou know a Morrow; but in Me, the true Today, thou shalt have an eternal Today, that as I live, Thou also shalt live in Me, Jesus, thy God and thy Lover, in the transports of happiness without end!” Let all the powers, all the thoughts, and all the affections of my body and soul say: “Amen!”

O amor praecordialissime, qui nunquam dereliquisti me, tibi commendo spiritum meum 1. In mortis hora ad teipsum suscipe me, ore proprio vocans me ad te, dicens : Mecum eris hodie 8; iam de exilio egredere, ad solemne eras immarcescibilis aeternitatis; ibi invenies me, lesum, verum hodie divinae claritatis, qui sum initium et finis totius creaturae 8, nec ultra succedet tibi eras huius mutabilitatis, sed in me, vero hodie, habebis sempiternum hodie, ut sicut ego vivo, et tu vivas in me Jesu deo amatore tuo, felicissime exsultans sine fine. Amen dicant omnes vires, sensus et motus 1 corporis et animae meae.






(Chapters 1-7: Antony the young ascetic)






















CHAPTER 1. Of the vigils which we endured. 1. De uigiliis quas pertulimus.








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