Marian Apparitions of the Twentieth Century

A Directory of Twentieth-century Apparitions

The Mary Page is now compiling a directory of the numerous reported Marian apparitions of the twentieth century.  The Mary Page directory includes general information about the date the apparition occurred, its location, the number of people involved, and the decisions made (if any) by the Church about each apparition's approval/disapproval concerning faith expression and supernatural character.

Modern Era

The twentieth century has been rich in reported Apparitions of Our Blessed Mother. Apparitions of Our Blessed Lady have been reported on every continent on our globe.  The seers have been people from many walks of life: men, women, and children.  The locations where Marian Apparitions have occurred are numerous: large cities, remote areas, caves, churches, fields, homes, monasteries, and other places.

Church's Approach

"The Roman Catholic Church has prudently been cautious to approve, disapprove or condemn reported apparitions."  In general, studied apparitions are classed as "not worthy of belief," "not contrary to the Faith," or "worthy of belief."  The message of an approved apparition cannot have any content that is contrary to the teachings of the Church.

Supernatural Character

Prior to any classification, the local bishop appoints a committee to take testimony, investigate, study, and report its findings to the local bishop.  On our Web page directory of Marian apparitions, we have two columns which pertain to the church's rulings for each apparition that we include in our list.  One column pertains to the "supernatural character" of the apparitions.  The approval of an apparition's supernatural character means that the case cannot be explained away due to an impediment in the visionary, nor as fraud, nor as a natural phenomenon, nor of demonic origin.

The Mary Page's Classification

On our Web site's apparition directory, the column titled "Approval of Supernatural Character" is marked either "yes," "negative decision," or "no decision" depending upon what action the local bishop has taken for the specific apparition.  A "yes" denotes that the bishop has concluded the apparition's character is supernatural.  A "negative" decision denotes that there is some problem which the bishop has identified in the apparition and concluded that it does not have a supernatural character.  A "no decision" is used to denote one of two possibilities. In one scenario, the bishop is either studying the case or he has studied the case, but the decision cannot be made until further analysis is completed.  A second possibility, is that the Church has never begun to study the reported apparition.

Faith Expression

Our Web page directory for Marian apparition also has a column titled "Approval of faith expression (prayer, devotion) at site."  This column is marked with a "yes" for cases where the local bishop has decided to encourage prayer and devotion at the site of a Marian apparition.  Decisions about "faith expression" are made before the supernatural character of an apparition is decided upon.  If the bishop should ever rule that the specific apparition is not of supernatural character, then of course, there would no longer be any devotion that is approved at that site.

Ecclesial Decisions

If the Church makes a negative ruling about a particular apparition, we are not to believe in that apparition.  If the bishop makes a positive ruling about an apparition, we are not bound to assent to the apparition, but we cannot berate the messages nor the apparition once the Church declares it valid.  The reader will find that in the majority of cases, the Church has neither taken action, nor made a final decision.

Statistical Results

A statistical analysis of the Marian apparition directory reveals the following results. During the twentieth century, there have been 386 cases of Marian apparitions.  The Church has made "no decision" about the supernatural character regarding 299 of the 386 cases. The Church has made a "negative decision" about the supernatural character in seventy-nine of the 386 cases.  Out of the 386 apparitions, the Church has decided that "yes" there is a supernatural character only in eight cases: Fatima (Portugal), Beauraing (Belgium), Banneux (Belgium), Akita (Japan), Syracuse (Italy), Zeitoun (Egypt), Manila (Philippines) (according to some sources), and Betania (Venezuela).  Local bishops have approved of the faith expression at the sites where these eight apparitions occurred.  Besides the eight approved apparitions, there have been eleven (out of the 386 apparitions) which have not been approved with a "supernatural character," but which have received a "yes" to indicate the local bishop's "approval of faith expression (prayer and devotion) at the site."

This introduction was written with the help of the following book:

Heintz, Peter. A Guide to Apparitions of Our Blessed Virgin Mary. Sacramento: Gabriel Press, 1993.

This data about Marian Apparitions was compiled from the following sources:

Chiron, Yves. Enquête Sur Les Apparitions De La Vierge. Perrin/Mame, 1995.

Heintz, Peter. A Guide to Apparitions of Our Blessed Virgin Mary. Sacramento: Gabriel Press, 1995.

Hierzenberger, Gottfried and Otto Nedomansky. Erscheinungen und Botschaften der Gottesmutter Maria. Augsburg: Bechtermünz Verlag, 1997.

Explanatory Note:

The following criteria of approval are lacking specific observations given the little space available.  The following needs to be kept in mind:
1) Approval of faith expression means that the local authorities have encouraged or at least tolerated the various manifestations of faith (prayers, mass, penance, conversions) occurring in conjunction with the alleged apparition.  When explicitly approved, and known to us, the column bears the word "yes."  The space remains blank when there was no answer available to us.

2) The designation "negative decision" in the column titled Approval of Supernatural character comprises both

- non constat de supernaturalitate, and
- constat de non supernaturalitate.

The second has final character, whereas the first (non constat) may have provisional character pending new results or the reopening of the case.

Year Place # People Involved Approval of Faith Expression (Prayer, devotion) at site. Approval of Supernatural character
1900 Tung Lu (China) many people Yes No decision
1900 Lucca (Italy) several people   N.A.
1900 Tanganika (Africa) 2 women   No decision
1900 Peking (China) Crowd   No decision.
1904 Zdunska-Wola (Poland) Teen-age boy   No decision
1906 Quito (Ecuador) students & professors   No decision
1909 Bordeaux (France) 1 woman   No decision
1911 Bruxelles (Belgium) 1 man   No decision
1914 Hrushiv (Ukraine) 22 people   No decision
1917 Barral (Portugal) 1 child   No decision
1917 Fatima (Portugal) 3 children   Yes
1917 Bat. de la Marne (France) soldiers   No decision
1918 Muzillac (France) 3 children   No decision
1920 Catane (Italy) 1 religious   No decision
1926 Marlemont (France) 1 child   No decision
1925 Tuy (Spain) 1 religious   No decision
1928 Ferdrupt (France) 2 children   No decision
1929 Pontevedra (Spain) 1 religious   No decision
1930 Campinas (Brazil) 1 religious   No decision
1931 Stenbergen (Holland ) 1 woman   No decision
1931 Ezquioga (Spain) 2 children/crowd   Negative decision
1931 Izurdiaga (Spain) 2 young women   Negative decision
1931 Zumarraga (Spain) N.A.   No decision
1931 Ormaiztegui (Spain) N.A.   No decision
1931 Albiztur (Spain) N.A.   No decision
1931 Bacaicoa (Spain) N.A.   No decision
1931 Iraneta (Spain) N.A.   No decision
1932 Beauraing (Belgium) 5 people   Yes
1932 Marmagen (Germany) N.A.   No decision
1932 Metz (France) N. A.   No decision
1933 Banneux (Belgium) Teen-age girl   Yes
1933 Beauraing (Belgium) 1 man   No decision
1933 Crollon (France) 3 children   No decision
1933 Onkerzele (Belgium) 1 woman   Negative decision
1933 Harcy (France) 1 man   No decision
1933 Houlteau-Chaineux (Belgium) 1 man & 2 children   No decision
1933 Lokeren-Naastveld (Belgium) 2 people   Negative decision
1933 Etikhove (Belgium) 1 man   Negative decision
1933 Herzele (Belgium) Crowd   Negative decision
1933 Olsene (Belgium) 1 man   Negative decision
1933 Berchem-Anvers (Belgium) N.A.   Negative decision
1933 Foy Notre-Dame (Belgium) N.A.   No decision
1933 Melin (Belgium) N.A.   No decision
1933 Tubize (Belgium) N.A.   Negative decision
1933 Verviers (Belgium) N.A.   Negative decision
1933 Wilrijk (Belgium) N.A.   Negative decision
1933 Wielsbeke (Belgium) 1 woman   No decision
1934 Roggliswil (Switzerland) 1 man   No decision
1934 Lucerne (Switzerland) 1 woman   No decision
1934 Marpingen (Germany) N.A.   Negative decision
1935 Rome (Italy) 1 woman   No decision
1935 Valmontana (Italy) Teen-age girl   No decision
1936 Bouxieres-aux-Dames (France) 2 women   Negative decision
1936 Ham-sur-Sambre (Belgium) 2 women   Negative decision
1937 Heede (Germany) 4 children   No decision
1937 Voltago (Italy) 2 people   Negative decision
1937 Bettin (Italy) 1 man   No decision
1937 Oberbruck (France) Teen-age girl   No decision
1937 Heede-im-Emsland (Germany) 4 girls Yes No decision
1937 Saint-Bonnet (France) Teen-age girl   No decision
1937 Tre Fontane (Italy) Young girl   No decision
1938 Saint-Pierre-la-Cour (France) N.A.   No decision
1938 Madrid (Spain) Young girl   No decision
1938 Wangen/Wigratzbad (Germany) 1 woman Yes No decision
1938 Kerizinen (France) 1 woman   Negative decision
1938 Bochum (Germany) 1 woman   No decision
1938 Oberpleis (Germany) 1 woman   No decision
1939 Kerrytown (Ireland) Crowd   No decision
1939 Dublin (Ireland) N.A.   No decision
1939 Saint-Placide (Canada) 1 girl   No decision
1940 Marienfried (Germany) 1 girl Yes No decision
1940 Ortoncourt (France) 1 girl   No decision
1940 Bodonnou (France) 1 girl   No decision
1941 Alto de Umbe (Spain) 1 woman   No decision
1942 Cornamona (Irelande) 1 girl   No decision
1943 Girkalnis (Lithuania) Crowd   Negative decision
1943 Athis-Mons (France) Crowd   Negative decision
1943 Vernet-la-Varenne (France) 2 children   No decision
1944 Ghiaie-di-Bonate (Italy) 1 girl   Negative decision
1944 Detroit (U.S.A.) 1 woman   No decision
1945 Amsterdam (Holland) 1 woman Yes Yes
1945 Codosera (Spain) 1 girl & 1 seers Yes No decision
1945 Vilar Chao (Portugal) 1 woman   No decision
1946 Ile Pasman (Yugoslavia) Numerous seers   No decision
1946 Espis (France) 2 girls   Negative decision
1947 Tre Fontane (Italy) 1 man & 3 children Yes No decision
1947 Montichiari (Italy) 1 woman   Negative decision
1947 Casanova Staffora (Italy) 1 girl   Negative decision
1947 Vorstenbosch (Holland) 3 children   No decision
1947 Emmerichberg (Hungary) 1 woman   No decision
1947 Tannhausen (Germany) 1 woman   No decision
1947 Kayl (Luxembourg) 1 girl   No decision
1947 L'Ile-Bouchard (France) 4 girls Yes No decision
1947 Plescop (France) 3 girls   No decision
1947 Bolzanet (Italy) N.A.   No decision
1947 Gallinaro (Italy) 1 person   No decision
1947 Gramolazzo (Italy) 1 person   No decision
1947 Varzi (Italy) 1 girl   No decision
1947 Forsweiler (Germany) 1 woman & 4 children   Negative decision
1947 Arcachon (France) a child   Negative decision
1947 Grottamare (Italy) a child   No decision
1947 Ile-Napolean (France) 3 children   No decision
1947 Montepoli (Italy) 1 woman   No decision
1947 Munich (Germany) 1 woman   No decision
1947 Tyromestice (Slovakia) 3 shepherds   No decision
1947 Trois-Rivieres (Canada) 1 man   No decision
1947 Urucaina (Brazil) 1 religious   Negative decision
1948 Marta (Italy) Children   Negative decision
1948 Gimigliano (Italy) Teen-age girl   Negative decision
1948 Marina di Pisa (Italy) Crowd   No decision
1948 Ponsacco (Italy) N.A.   No decision
1948 Remola (Italy) A child   No decision
1948 Rome (Italy) Teen-age boy   No decision
1948 Castelmadama (Italy) N.A.   No decision
1948 Zischowicz (Czechoslovakia) 3 girls   No decision
1948 Lipa (Philippines) 1 religious   Negative decision
1948 Montlucon (France) 1 religious   Negative decision
1948 Aspang (Austria) 1 man   No decision
1948 Liart (France) Crowd   No decision
1948 Saint-Jean-aux-Bois (France) 1 woman   No decision
1948 La Forclaz (France) 1 man   No decision
1948 Cluj (Romania) Crowd   Negative decision
1948 Frascati (Italy) N.A.   No decision
1948 Liceta (Italy) N.A.   No decision
1948 Lucca (Italy) Crowd   No decision
1948 Nocera Superiore (Italy) A child   No decision
1949 Dueren (Germany) 1 woman   No decision
1949 Lublin (Poland) Crowd   Negative decision
1949 Zo-Se (China) 1 religious   Negative decision
1949 Fehrbach (Germany) Teen-age girl   Negative decision
1949 Bergalla (Italy) N.A.   No decision
1949 Loano (Italy) N.A.   No decision
1949 Hasznos (Hungary) Crowd   Negative decision
1949 Montreal (Canada) 1 religious   No decision
1949 Dublin (Ireland) N.A.   No decision
1949 Balestrino (Italy) 1 woman   Negative decision
1949 Palmira (Columbia) A young boy   No decision
1949 Bogota (Columbia) 1 religious   No decision
1949 Gimigliano (Italy) A young girl   Negative decision
1949 Heroldsbach (Germany) Four children   Negative decision
1949 Weert (Holland) 1 person   No decision
1949 Sonnenhalb (Switzerland) 1 woman   No decision
1949 Wurzburg (Germany) 1 religious   No decision
1949 Necedah (U.S.A.) 1 woman   Negative decision
1950 Acquaviva Platani (Italy) Teen-age girl   Negative decision
1950 Saint-Eugène de Gamby (Canada) 3 children   No decision
1950 Ribera (Italy) 2 children   No decision
1950 Denver (U.S.A.) Teen-age girl   No decision
1950 Remagen (Germany) 20 children   No decision
1950 Perregaux (Algeria) 1 woman   No decision
1950 Guarciano (Italy) A child   No decision
1950 Casalicchio (Italy) Young girl   No decision
1950 Binghamton (U.S.A.) 1 woman   No decision
1950 Belmuttet (Ireland) Teen-age girl   No decision
1950 Bienvenuda-Usagre (Spain) 1 man   No decision
1950 Padoue (Italy) 1 woman   No decision
1951 Amarossi (Italy) Teen-age girl   No decision
1951 Arluno (Italy) 1 woman   No decision
1951 Oriolo Calabro (Italy) 1 man   No decision
1951 Casali contrada (Italy) 1 man   Negative decision
1951 Dugny (France) 3 people   No decision
1951 Tangua (Brazil) Young girl   No decision
1951 Tinos (Greece) N.A.   No decision
1951 Baggio (Italy) Young girl   No decision
1952 Bergame (Italy) 1 woman   No decision
1952 Orria (Italy) Crowd   No decision
1952 Rome (Italy) 1 woman   No decision
1952 Rodalben (Germany) 1 woman   No decision
1952 Niederbach (Germany) 1 man   No decision
1952 Gerpinnes (Belgium) Young girl   No decision
1952 Nyakijoga-Ambucoba, Tanzania (Africa) Many persons   No decision
1953 Cossirano (Italy) Young girl   Negative decision
1953 Bivigliano (Italy) 1 man   No decision
1953 Hubersent (France) 3 children/1 adult   Negative decision
1953 Santo Saba (Italy) Young boy   Negative decision
1953 Rome (Italy) Teen-age girl   No decision
1953 Philadelphia (U.S.A) 1 woman   No decision
1953 Frignano Maggiore (Italy) Teen-age girl   No decision
1953 Calabro di Mileto (Italy) 1 woman   No decision
1953 Sabana Grande (Porta Rico) 3 children   No decision
1953 Syracuse (Italy) 1 man & 1woman   Yes
1953 Dubovytsya (Ukraine) 1 woman   No decision
1954 Seredne (Ukraine) Several people   No decision
1954 Catane (Italy) A boy   No decision
1954 Vittoria (Italy) 2 sisters   No decision
1954 Mezzolombardo (Italy) 1 man   No decision
1954 Palerme (Italy) Several children   No decision
1954 Sasso Marconi (Italy) 1 woman   No decision
1954 Marche-en-Famenne (Belgium) N.A.   No decision
1954 Eisenberg (Austria) Young girl   Negative decision
1954 Colombera di Avenza (Italy) 1 man   No decision
1954 Pingsdorf (Germany) 2 women   No decision
1954 Saint-Tropez (France) N.A.   No decision
1954 Rome (Italy) 1 woman   No decision
1954 Newcastle (Great Britain) N.A.   No decision
1954 Bande (Luxembourg) Several children   No decision
1954 Cosenza (Italy) 1 religious   No decision
1954 Ibdes (Spain) Several children   No decision
1954 Pombia (Italy) 1 woman   No decision
1955 Reggio Emilia (Italy) 1 woman   Negative decision
1955 Itauna (Brazil) 1 man   No decision
1955 San Vincenzo (Italy) 1 woman   No decision
1955 Eisenberg-a-Raab (Austria) 1 woman   Negative decision
1955 Rome (Italy) 1 woman   No decision
1955 Ngom‚ (South Africa) 1 religious Yes No decision
1956 Assoro (Italy) 4 children   No decision
1956 Fostoria, Ohio (USA) Sister Mildred Neuzil Yes No decision
1956 Urbania (Italy) Several children   Negative decision
1957 Sausalito (U.S.A.) 1 man   No decision
1957 Cracovie (Poland) 1 woman   No decision
1957 Gasp‚ (Canada) N.A.   No decision
1958 Jorcas (Spain) N.A.   No decision
1958 Villa Barone (Italy) 1 woman   No decision
1958 Turczovka (Slovakia) 1 man   No decision
1958 Vallemaio (Italy) 1 family   No decision
1958 Mantoue (Italy) A child   No decision
1958 Milan (Italy) N.A.   No decision
1958 Terni (Italy) 2 children   No decision
1959 Scheggia (Italy) 4 children   No decision
1959 Vibo Valentia (Italy) Young boy   No decision
1959 Varsovie (Poland) Several people   No decision
1959 Stornarella (Italy) 1 man   No decision
1959 Ascona (Switzerland) N.A.   No decision
1960 Acqua Voltri (Italy) A boy   No decision
1960 Paravati (Italy) N.A.   No decision
1960 Thierenbach (France) 1 man   No decision
1960 Jungholtz (France) 1 man, Fernand Llakay   No decision
1960 Neuwier, Allemagne, Bade-Wurtembur 1 person   No decision
1961 Garabandal (Spain) 4 girls   Negative decision
1961 Brigueil-le-Chantre (France) Teen-age girl   No decision
1961 Craveggia (Italy) 1 woman   Negative decision
1961 San Damiano (Italy) 1 woman   Negative decision
1961 Casalicontrada (Italy) 1 girl, Eleonora Fasoli   No decision
1962 Skiemonys (Lithuania) Teen-age girl   No decision
1962 Ladeira (Portugal) 1 woman   Negative decision
1962 Chiari (Italy) 1 woman   No decision
1962 Jaddico (Italy) Many persons   No decision
1962 Monte Fasce (Italy) Two people   No decision
1963 Verceil (Italy) 2 men   No decision
1964 San Vittorino Roman (Italy) N.A. Yes No decision
1964 Turczovka (Slovakia) 1 man   No decision
1965 Fribourg (Switzerland) A girl   No decision
1965 Conchar (Spain) 1 woman   No decision
1966 Porto-San-Stefano (Italy) 1 man   No decision
1966 Ain-el-Del (Lebanon) Teen-age boy   No decision
1966 Cabra (Philippines) Teen-age girl   No decision
1966 Liège (Belgium) N.A.   No decision
1966 Rome (Italy) Teen-age girl   No decision
1966 Ventebbio (Italy) 1 priest   Negative decision
1967 Nativitade (Brazil) 1 man   No decision
1967 Cefala Diana (Italy) 4 children Yes No decision
1967 Raccula (Italy) N.A.   No decision
1967 Fribourg (Switzerland) 1 woman   No decision
1967 Bohan (Belgium) 2 men   Negative decision
1967 Mont-Laurier (Canada) 1 woman   No decision
1967 Quebec (Canada) 1 girl   No decision
1967 Oulx (Italy) 1 woman   No decision
1968 St-Bruno-de-Chambly (Canada) Several children   No decision
1968 Anse-aux-Gascons (Canada) Several children   No decision
1968 Fort Kent (U.S.A.) Young boy   No decision
1968 Maille (France) 4 children   No decision
1968 Palmar de Troya (Spain) 4 young girls   Negative decision
1968 Zeitoun (Egypt) Crowd   Yes
1968 Mexico Many people   No Decision
1969 Florence (Italy) 1 person   No decision
1969 Barcelona (Spain) N.A.   No decision
1969 Mexico (Mexico) 1 religious   No decision
1969 Dayton, Ohio (U.S.A.) 3 persons   No decision
1969 U.S.A. 1 person   No decision
1970 Milan (Italy) Several people   No decision
1970 Sherbroke (Canada) N.A.   No decision
1970 Limal (Belgium) 1 man   No decision
1970 Maropati (Italy) 1 woman   No decision
1970 Lecce (Italy) Teen-age boy   Negative decision
1970 Bayside (U.S.A.) 1 woman   Negative decision
1970 Vladimir (Russia) 1 man   No decision
1971 Belpasso (Italy) Teen-age boy   No decision
1971 Pendiamo (Columbia) Young girl   No decision
1971 Crèteil (France) N.A.   No decision
1971 Luke Saint John (Canada) N.A.   No decision
1971 San Vicens del Horts (Spain) 1 man   No decision
1971 Monte Umbe (Spain) 1 person   No decision
1971 Ngome (Africa) 1 person   No decision
1972 El Mimbral (Spain) Several people   No decision
1972 Porziano (Italy) Several people   No decision
1972 Ravenna (Italy) Several children   No decision
1972 Drummondville (Canada) N.A.   No decision
1972 Madrid (Spain) Two people   No decision
1973 Akita (Japan) 1 religious   Yes
1973 Nitape (Peru) 1 religious & several children   No decision
1973 Mortzel (Belgium) N.A.   Negative decision
1974 Dozul‚ (France) 1 woman   Negative decision
1974 Derval (France) 1 man   Negative decision
1974 Gallinaro (Italy) 1 person   No decision
1974 Cinquefrondi (Italy) 1 woman   No decision
1975 Dugny (France) Teen-age girl   No decision
1975 Binh Trieu (Vietnam) 1 man   No decision
1976 Cerdanyola (Spain) N.A.   Negative decision
1976 Betania (Venezuela) 1 woman   Yes
1976 Olmos (Peru) Young girl   Negative decision
1976 Puylaurens (France) 1 man   Negative decision
1976 Rome (Italy) 1 girl   No decision
1976 Rome (Italy) 1 person   No decision
1977 Rostov (U.S.S.R.) N.A.   No decision
1977 Kharkov (U.S.S.R.) N.A.   No decision
1977 Leningrad (U.S.S.R.) N.A.   No decision
1977 Le Fréchou (France) 1 man   Negative decision
1977 Lamezia Terne (Italy) Young man   No decision
1980 Cuapa (Nicaragua) 1 man Yes Yes
1980 El Escorial (Spain) 1 woman   Negative decision
1980 Ede Oballa (Nigeria) 1 man   Negative decision
1980 Wu Fung Chi (Taiwan) 9 men   No decision
1980 Alaska (U.S.A.) 1 man   No decision
1981 Medjugorje (Bosnia-Herzegovinia) Several people   No final decision
1981 La Talaudière (France) Young girl   Negative decision
1981 Kibèho (Rwanda) Teen-agers Yes Yes
1981 Seoul (Korea) 1 woman   No decision
1981 Rome (Italy) 1 woman   No decision
1982 Izbicno (Bosnia-Herzegovinia) 2 children   No decision
1982 Arguello (Argentina) 1 man, then several others   No decision
1982 Damascus (Syria) 1 woman   No decision
1982 Nowra (Australia) 1 man   Negative decision
1982 Milan (Italy) Father Stephano Gobbi   No decision
1982 Canton (U.S.A.) 1 woman   Negative decision
1983 Penablanca (Chili) Teen-age boy   Negative decision
1983 San Nicolas (Argentina) 1 woman Yes Yes
1983 Olawa (Poland) 1 man   Negative decision
1983 Surbiton (Great Britain) 1 woman   No decision
1983 Moncalieri (Italy) 1 man   No decision
1983 Louisiana (U.S.A.) 1 woman   No decision
1983 Beit Sahour (Israel) Many persons   No decision
1984 Kernéguez (France) 1 woman   No decision
1984 Montpinchon (France) Several people   No decision
1984 Jall-el-Dib (Lebanon) Young girl   No decision
1984 Gargallo di Carpi (Italy) 1 man   Negative decision
1984 Crotone (Italy) Several people   No decision
1984 Mushasha (Burundi) 1 man   No decision
1984 Kinshasa (Zaire) 1 man   No decision
1984 Bakersfield (U.S.A.) Crowd   No decision
1985 Lvov (Ukraine) N.A.   No decision
1985 Melleray (Ireland) 3 children   No decision
1985 Carns (Ireland) 4 girls   No decision
1985 Schio (Italy) 1 man   Negative decision
1985 Oliveta Citra (Italy) 8 children   No decision
1985 Sofferetti (Italy) Several people   No decision
1985 Bisceglie (Italy) Young girl   No decision
1985 Belluno (Italy) 2 teen-agers   No decision
1985 Floridia (Italy) 8 children   No decision
1985 Casavatore (Italy) Several children   No decision
1985 Cleveland (U.S.A.) 1 woman   No decision
1986 Mazzano (Italy) 1 woman   No decision
1986 Cardito (Italy) Teen-age girl   No decision
1986 Sezze (Italy) Several people   No decision
1986 Belpasso (Italy) Teen-age boy   No decision
1986 Campobasso (Italy) N.A.   No decision
1986 Giubasco (Italy) 1 man   No decision
1986 Verviers (Belgium) N.A.   No decision
1986 Nsimalen (Cameroon) 6 children   Negative decision
1986 Bilychi (Ukraine) 2 men   No decision
1986 Santa Fe (U.S.A.) 1 woman   No decision
1986 Manila (Philippines) soldiers   No decision
1986 Balestrino (Italy) 1 girl, Caterina Richero   No decision
1987 Borgosesia (Italy) 1 man   No decision
1987 Hrushiv (Ukraine) Teen-age girl   No decision
1987 Zarvanystya (Ukraine) Several people   No decision
1987 Pochayiv (Ukraine) Several people   No decision
1987 Port-a-Prince (Haiti) 1 religious   No decision
1987 Esmeraldas (Ecuador) Teen-age boy   No decision
1987 Inchigeela (Ireland) 2 young girls   No decision
1987 Bessbrock (Ireland) 1 woman & 1 boy   No decision
1987 Mayfield (Ireland) Two girls   No decision
1987 Granstown (Ireland) Two girls   No decision
1987 Cortnadreha (Ireland) Young girl   No decision
1987 Mulevala (Mozambique) Crowd   No decision
1987 Belpasso (Italy) Teen-age boy   No decision
1987 Crosia (Italy) 2 teen-agers   No decision
1987 Terra Blanca (Mexico) 3 children   No decision
1987 Pennsylvania U.S.A.) 1 man   No decision
1988 Achill (Ireland) Christina Gallagher Negative decision Negative decision
1988 Hustusco (Mexico) 3 people   No decision
1988 Lubbock (U.S.A.) Several people   Negative decision
1988 Scottsdale (U.S.A.) Several people   Negative decision
1988 Phoenix (U.S.A.) 1 woman   Negative decision
1988 Grosby (U.S.A.) N.A.   No decision
1988 Tikfaw (U.S.A.) 1 man   No decision
1988 El Cajas (Ecuador) 1 girl   No decision
1989 Burlington (Canada) 1 man   No decision
1989 Agoo (Philippines) Teen-age boy   No decision
1989 Marlboro (U.S.A.) 1 man   No decision
1989 Florence (Italy) 1 person   Negative decision
1990 Denver (U.S.A.) Theresa Lopez   Negative decision
1990 Conyers (U.S.A.) Nancy Fowler   No decision
1990 Kurescek (Slovene) Father Stephan   No decision
1990 Hillside (U.S.A.) Joseph Reinholtz   No decision
1990 Litmanova (Slovakia) Vetka Korcakova
Katka Ceselkova
  No decision
1990 Beaumont-du-Ventoux (France) 1 woman   No decision
1991 Holving (France) N.A.   No decision
1991 Mozul (Iraq) Dina Basher   No decision
1991 Woombe (Australia) Susanna D'Amore   No decision
1991 Arkansas/Texas (U.S.A.) 1 woman   No decision
1991 San Juan (Puerto Rico) Luz Diaz   No decision
1991 Lake Ridge (U.S.A.) Father James Bruse   No decision
1991 San Bruno (U.S.A.) Carlos Lopez
Jorge Zavala
  No decision
1991 Paris (France) Two people   No decision
1992 Moscow (Russia) N.A.   No decision
1992 Falmouth (U.S.A.) Sandy   No decision
1992 Toledo (U.S.A.) Sally Steadman   No decision
1992 Scottsdale (U.S.A.) Carole Ameche Peterson   No decision
1992 Enfield (U.S.A.) Neil Harrington Jr.   No decision
1992 Aokpe (Nigeria) Christina Agbo   No final decision
1993 Thu Duc (Vietnam) 1 girl   No decision
1993 Arc-Watripont (Belgium) 1 boy   No decision
1993 Belleville (U.S.A.) Roy Doiron   No decision
1993 Cincinnati (U.S.A.) Rita Ring woman   N.A.
1993 New S. Wales (Australia) Matthew Kelly   No decision
1993 Rochester (U.S.A.) 1 man   No decision
1994 Dechtice (Slovakia) Martin Gavenda
Maria Gavendova
Lucia Vadikova
Martina Kalasova
Adrianna Kudelova
Simona Kumpanova
Jozef Danko
  No decision
1994 Emmitsburg (U.S.A.) Gianna Talone-Sullivan   Negative decision
1995 Sterling (U.S.A.) Patricia Mundorf   No decision
1995 Ham Lake (U.S.A.) Little Mary   No decision
1995 Enugu State (Nigeria) 1 man   No decision
1996 Bahia (Brazil) Fabiana Oliveira   No decision
1996 Brooklyn (U.S.A.) 1 man   No decision
1996 Elyria (U.S.A.) Maureen Sweeney Kyle   Negative decision
1996 Bachaquero Zulia (Venezuela) 1 person   No decision
1997 Minnesota (U.S.A.) Rev. Andrew Wingate   No decision
1997 Platina (Brazil) Francisco Ovidio da Salva   No decision
1997 El Dorado (U.S.A.) Augustine Halverson   No decision
1997 Satua (Samoa) Suor Ruth Augustus   No decision
1997 Mexico City (Mexico) 1 man   No decision
1998 Greenfield (U.S.A.) John Snide   No decision
1998 St. John's (Antigua) Don Gerard Critch   No decision
1998 Montreal (Canada) Delmis   No decision
1998 Saskatoon (Canada) Carmen Humphrey   No decision
1999 Marpingen (Germany) Christine Ney
Marion Guttma
Judith Hiber
  No decision
1999 Montsurs (France) Agnes Marie   No decision
1999 Pennsylvania (U.S.A.) Louise Starr Tomkiel   No decision
1999 Staten Island (U.S.A.) Carmelo Cortez   No decision
1999 Arma (Italy) 1 young girl   No decision
2000 El Algarrobal (Argentina) Manuel Yanzon   Negative decision
2000 Prince Edward Island (Canada) Father Melvin Doucette   No decision
2001 Hilversum (Netherlands) Agatha Moiki   No decision
2001 Skaneateles (U.S.A.) Mary Sheila Reilly   No decision
2007 Johannesburg (South Africa) Francesca Zackey   No decision
2007 Velipojes (Albania) Valmira Malaj   No decision

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