The Four Elements

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Early Pictorial Representations of Visual Migraine Aura

by: Klaus Podoll

Migraine sufferers have long since used paintings and drawings to represent and communicate various symptoms of a common disorder which has afflicted mankind since the beginning of history.

The Four Elements


Cover image of "Hildegard Von Bingen, In Portrait" Label - BBC Opus Arte, 2003.

The miniatures of the medieval illuminated manuscript entitled 'Scivias', depicting the visions of the 12th century abbess and mystic Hildegard of Bingen, were probably the first representations of the visual migraine aura, about 700 years before the first medical illustration of migrainous scintillating scotomas published in 1845 in the ophthalmological textbook by Christian Georg Theodor Ruete.



The Four Elements


Christian Georg Theodor Ruete, Illustration of scintillating scotoma from "Textbook of Ophthalmology", 1845.



In the second half of the 19th century, world-famous neurologists such as Charcot, Babinski and Gowers published illustrations of the typical zigzagged visual migraine aura which has been described under the synonymous designations of scintillating scototomas, teichopsia and fortification spectra, respectively, including a number of medical illustrations which had been produced, upon request, by professional artists.

Jean Marie Charcot, Illustration of scintillating scotoma, 1888.






Joseph Jules François Félix Babinski, Illustration of scintillating scotoma drawn by an artist, 1890.




Sir William Richard Gowers, Illustration of fortification spectrum drawn by Mr. Beck, 1895.




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