Andrew Louth, Origins of the Christian Mystical Tradition

Congregation for Divine Worship, Directory on Popular Piety

Andre Louf, Teach us to Pray

Derwas Chitty, The Desert, A City

Chapter 1 - The Call

Chapter 2 - The Institution

RB 80 The Rule of St. Benedict in Latin and English with Notes

Introductions 1-4; Appendixes 1-7 [all intro's & app's]

Introd. 1: Origins

Introd. 2: Pre-Benedictine Monasticism in the West

Introd. 3: The Rule of Benedict [From the Sixth Century]

Introd. 4: The Rule in History

Apnd. 1: Terminology (Monk, Nun)

Apnd. 2: The Abbot

Apnd. 3: Liturgical Code

Apnd. 4: Discipline

Apnd. 5: Formation and Profession

Apnd. 6: Interpretation of Scripture

Apnd. 7: The RB & the RM

RB English Text and Notes

Spiritual History Timeline (The same timeline available in the lectures)




1. Are We Contemplatives, What is Our Future?, by Luke Dysinger, O.S.B.

2. Chapter Four ("Devotion to Heaven") from The Love of Learning and the Desire for God, A Study of Monastic Culture, Jean Jeclercq, O.S.B.

3. The Latin Apophthegmata (complete Latin Systematic Collection of the sayings of the Desert Fathers and Mothers)

4. Adolphe Tanquerey, The Spiritual Life, A Treatise on Ascetical and Mystical Theology
Although recommended for several decades as a seminary textbook, this classic work should be used with caution, since many of the recommendations it contains reflect a rigid and to some extent naive view of human psychology and spiritual formation.  Since this is a fairly large file, the best approach is probably to right-click on the link, then download the file to your computer and open it once it has downloaded.

5. Jordan Aumann:
1) Spiritual Theology
Christian Spirituality in the Catholic Tradition

1) Jewish and Ancient Mediterranean Spirituality:

Paul The Convert: The Apostolate and Apostasy of Saul the Pharisee, Alan F. Segal ch, 2; Scholarly discussion of St. Paul's mysticism.

Ilsetraut Hadot, “The Spiritual Guide”

Three pre-Christian Models of the Soul-Guide: “Plato, Enoch, Cicero”.

Galen, On the Doctrines of Plato and HippocratesOn the Diagnosis and Cure of the Soul's Passions (ch 1-8),

Porphyry, The Life of Plotinus

2) Apophatic and Kataphatic Theology: The Spirituality of the New Testament:

Apophatic and Kataphatic Theology (Fundamental Biblical Texts; Select Bibliography)

3) Prayer and Mystical Vision in the Persecuted Church:

Ignatius of Antioch;  IrenaeusPolycarp of Smyrna; Cyprian; Tertullian

4) Christian Middle- and Neo-Platonism and the Beginnings of Mystical Theology:

PhiloClement of AlexandriaOrigenPlotinus.

5) Christological Controversies and the meaning of “Theosis”:

Athanasius; Macrina; Basil and Gregory of Nyssa (on psalmody, prayer, epektasis); , Gregory Nazianzen; Gregory of Nyssa


Christian Classics Ethereal Library:  http://www.ccel.org/
Extremely helpful source of primary texts in church history, Christian spirituality, Christian music, and more

Cistercian History and Spiritulity:  http://www.scourmont.be/scriptorium/Cadrescours.htm

[Irish] Corpus of electronic texts: http://celt.ucc.ie/publishd.html

Lectio Divina: Christian Spiritual Authors: http://www.osb.org/lectio/
Index page of sources for spiritual reading; many good primary texts in early Christian theology and spirituality.

The Holy Seehttp://www.vatican.va/phome_en.htm
Official Website of the Holy See: papal and curial documents in different languages.

The Ecole Initiative http://www2.evansville.edu/ecoleweb/
"A Hypertext Encyclopedia of Early Church History" (and primary texts)

Christus Rexhttp://www.christusrex.org/
Christian Art, The Holy Land, Papal Documents

New Adventhttp://www.newadvent.org
Patristic Texts, The 1908 Catholic Encyclopedia, Hagiography

Ignatian Spirituality http://www.jesuit.org/sections/sub.asp?SECTION_ID=192&SUBSECTION_ID=207
The Spiritual Exercises, St. Ignatius, Ignatian spirituality, and more.

Late Medieval Hagiography http://www.catholic-forum.com/saints/golden000.htm
The Golden Legend, published 1483

Christian History: http://www.christianhistorymagazine.org.



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